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October 29, 2015

Fearless Orion Miner Defeats Odds & Conquers SavageJR

Post by Alex Brown
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7-year-old Orion Miner has overcome many obstacles in his young life.

At 15 months old, Orion was diagnosed with a condition called Cerebellar Atrophy where his cerebellum, the part of the brain that is responsible for motor control, stopped growing. His mom Londyn was told not to expect him to walk or talk independently. Then at age 6, he was also diagnosed with epilepsy.

Orion, along with the support of his amazing mom and his physical therapy team, has fearlessly refused to accept defeat. Orion conquered the SavageJR course at Savage Race Dallas and brought tears to many eyes as he finished the race.

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October 8, 2015

What Did You Get Yourself Into? Savage Race Recaps Tell All

Whether you’re brand new to obstacle course racing or you’ve been training and racing for awhile, you probably get just a wee bit nervous when you think about your upcoming race.

Are we right?

C’mon, admit it. Maybe it’s the giant 15 foot leap into Davy Jones’ Locker that gets your heart pumping. Or maybe our new obstacle Wheel World makes you nervous. You may have even heard how challenging Teeter Tuber can be when conditions are extra wet and muddy.

If you’ve never done a Savage Race before, you probably want to know what you’ve just gotten yourself into.

Check out these recent race recaps that will give you a good taste of what Savage Race is all about, and we’ll see YOU in the mud!

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