Savage Syndicate is a program designed to reward our most loyal and die hard participants.  We love that you are willing to travel across the country to try out our latest obstacles, climb Colossus, leap off of Davy Jones' Locker, freeze your bits in Shriveled Richard, and go for a spin on Wheel World. Savage Syndicate is our way to say "Thank You" to those of you who run more than one event in a calendar year.

 What is Savage Syndicate?

Savage Syndicate is a loyalty program designed to reward participants who run in an event two or more times within a single calendar year (this means between January 1 and December 31 of the same year). After you qualify, you can pick up your own Syndicate medal and pins onsite at your qualifying race. The Syndicate medals are HUGE, and the pins are pretty sick too. Trust us, people will notice.

What's up with those pins?

We're glad you asked! For each race type (Race or Blitz) that you complete along your Syndicate journey, we will hook you up with a custom Syndicate ribbon pin, after you qualify. So for example, if you ran Savage Race Florida in March, and then Savage Race Ohio in June, you qualify for the Syndicate medal and the two Savage Race pins! Then, if you run the Savage Blitz in Chicago in August you'll qualify for the Syndicate medal PLUS the two Savage Race pins for FL and OH (yes, again) and a Savage Blitz pin for Chicago.

 I Heard About A Savage Syndicate Facebook Group. Can I Join?

Totally. You can request access to join the official Savage Syndicate Facebook group by clicking here. The group is monitored and moderated by Savage Race HQ staff, so if you have more questions, you can come straight to the source! All Savages are welcome.


Where do I pick up my medal and pins?

After you finish your qualifying event, visit our Syndicate redemption tent, which is located next to the merchandise tent. We will have staff onsite who can look up your eligibility and give you your Syndicate medal and pins on race day.

How big is the Syndicate medal?

Well, it's enormous. It has a circumference of 15.7" and diameter of 5". Oh, and the entire center spins like a top!

If I run more than two races in a year, can I keep racking up Syndicate medals, or can I only get one per year.

You can receive a new Syndicate medal after every qualifying race (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on) in the same calendar year.

Does this replace my finisher medal?

Nope. You will still get a finisher medal for every race you complete. Syndicate qualification entitles you to the Syndicate medal complete with pins from each event you ran within that year, in addition to the event finisher medal.

If I ran Savage Race in 2023 and one more race in 2024, do I qualify?

Sorry, but no. To qualify you must run two or more events within a single calendar year (i.e. within January 1st - December 31st, 2023, 2024, etc).

Is there a Savage Syndicate for Savage JR participants?


If I run the same course twice in one day, will I get a Syndicate medal?

Multi-lap runners are eligible for earning Syndicate on the spot if they register and pay for two spots at the race.

Does a Savage Blitz completion count towards Syndicate?

Yes, but you must run at least one full distance Savage Race in the same calendar year to qualify for Syndicate.

What if I signed up for a second race but didn't actually run?

You must have race results for a Savage Race event and one additional event in the same calendar year.

Does completing a GORUCK Tough or competing in the Rucking Division count?

Yes, the GORUCK Rucking Division will qualify towards Syndicate.  These registration types will count as a Savage Race in terms of which pins you will receive.

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