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We deliver “the most exciting day of your life” to our participants. Our physical and mental challenges, which may be solved through the bonds of teamwork, friendship and hard work, are designed to provide a unique experience to be remembered forever.

The Savage Work Environment

We strive to create a team of passionate and intelligent creative minds who are willing to routinely step outside of their comfort zone, push their limits, and innovate. New hires are immediately given real and important responsibilities, and are expected to contribute to the development and success of the organization.

The Savage Education

Creating an exceptional event is impossible without an exceptional team, and we know that continuing education is critical to our success. We demonstrate our commitment to your professional growth by budgeting time and resources for our employees to attend educational seminars and participate in group learning sessions led by other team members. We discuss what works and what doesn’t work. Most importantly, we learn, improve and innovate as a team.

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