The SavagePRO Point Series

The SavagePRO Point Series stands as the pinnacle of elite obstacle course racing, drawing the attention of top-tier athletes worldwide. This series is a relentless test of skill, strength, and strategy, comprising a meticulously designed course featuring the signature Savage Race obstacles. Competitors in the SavagePRO Point Series navigate through challenging terrain, facing colossal obstacles, intricate rigs, and innovative challenges that demand peak physical performance.

For 2024, this will be a 3-race series and the total combined points will determine the overall rankings. Completing all three race series events is NOT mandatory to qualify for the overall series payouts.


Point Series Locations

Maryland Fall - September 7, 2024
Georgia Fall - September 21, 2024
Florida Fall - November 2, 2024

Only these events will count toward series standings.



Point System (100-1)

1st Place 100 Points
2nd Place 99 Points
3rd Place 98 Points
- - -
99th Place 2 Points
100th Place 1 Points
101st Place 0 Points

*Tiebreaker: the highest finish at the final Florida Fall race.


Single Event Payouts

Cash Prizes for Male and Female

1st Place - $1,000
2nd Place - $750
3rd Place - $350


Overall Point Series Payouts

Cash Prizes for Male and Female

1st Place - $2,000
2nd Place - $1,000
3rd Place - $500


Is 100% obstacle completion mandatory to earn points?

Yes. Athletes must complete 100% of the obstacles to earn points at each of the Point Series locations.


How do I compete?

Sign up for the SavagePRO wave for the point series races.

When will the Point Series results be posted?

Results will be updated by Wednesday the week following a point series event.


What happens if I can't attend the 3 point series races?

That's okay.  The total points accumulated over the three races will determine the overall leaders. If someone attends two races and has earned 200 points and someone who has attended all three races and has 199 points, the person with 200 points will be placed higher on the leaderboard.


Will I lose points if I don't complete all obstacles?

Athletes who do not complete 100% of the obstacles will receive zero points for that race.  Points from previous races will not be lost or subtracted.


What are the SavagePRO Rules?

You can find the official SavagePRO rules here.


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