October 8, 2015

What Did You Get Yourself Into? Savage Race Recaps Tell All

Whether you’re brand new to obstacle course racing or you’ve been training and racing for awhile, you probably get just a wee bit nervous when you think about your upcoming race.

Are we right?

C’mon, admit it. Maybe it’s the giant 15 foot leap into Davy Jones’ Locker that gets your heart pumping. Or maybe our new obstacle Wheel World makes you nervous. You may have even heard how challenging Teeter Tuber can be when conditions are extra wet and muddy.

If you’ve never done a Savage Race before, you probably want to know what you’ve just gotten yourself into.

Check out these recent race recaps that will give you a good taste of what Savage Race is all about, and we’ll see YOU in the mud!

A Total Body Workout

Savage Race Chicago 2015 by Scott Brackemyer

“The obstacles were quite demanding and left me feeling thoroughly tested. The ‘Teeter Tubes’ are smooth, narrow tubes that are positioned like a teeter-totter. Racers must climb up the tube until it pivots down, and then crawl out. For a person with a large or broad build, this is a real challenge.”

“The mix of upper body intensive obstacles and get-on-the-ground and crawl obstacles were set in a way that really gave you a feeling of a total body workout.”


An Adrenaline Rush

Savage Race Dallas 2015 by K.K. Stewart-Paul

“Shoving my way to the front at the start line minutes before 9am approached, the national anthem played and a motivational speech to pump our Savage spirits and we were off… After some bushwacked territory in the first mile, we got right in the mud then took on the ‘Shriveled Richard’ (brrrr!). Once out of the ice cold water, it was time to get the body moving, I have to admit, I actually liked the cold bath to wake up the muscles and mind.”

“The one obstacle I was excited for was ‘Wheel World,’ and as I approached, it was like Christmas – excited to get my muddy paws on it and give it a whirl! The first wheel took some work to figure out the mechanics, but before I knew it, I was at the last wheel and off.”

“…another water obstacle, which made me face one of my fears of heights, the ‘Davy Jones.’ Running up, I knew I had to make the 15-foot leap into a 15-foot deep pool within seconds or I would psych myself out of an adrenaline rush.”


Fresh, Fun & Exciting

Savage Race Georgia 2015 by Tony Ferrante

“The team of imaginative course designers once again added obstacles, found new trails and hills, and changed up the running direction and order of obstacles to keep it all fresh, fun, and exciting.”

“Kiss My Walls, a traverse wall, but just to make things more challenging it’s built on a wedge. Each wall tilts BACKWARDS toward you, and your feet and hands are on rock climbing cleats. This one was a killer under these conditions.”

“Savage Race was a long and challenging course, but so much laughter and incredible feats were enjoyed on the course. This race was another huge success. Savage has re-designed their medals, and they’re larger and much more impressive than in the past.”



If you’re interested in learning more about our SavageJR course, check out “Savage Race Jr. – Son of a Savage” by John Bragg. He says, “If you have kids, I highly recommend bringing them with you to these events. Neither you nor they will ever forget it, and you will have an unparalleled bonding experience. I know we did.”


A Major Let Down? (HaHa…)

If you’d like to know why Adam Berkey satirically called Savage Race a “Major Let Down” read his review as well. He summarized, “I recently attended a Savage Race and was appalled by the innovation and outside the box thinking shown by the entire Savage Race team.”


Are you registered for Savage Race yet? You can check out the rest of our 2015 races and start signing up for 2016 events here.

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