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Savage Race Participant Reviews

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  • Savage anywhere has become a life saver

    By Cori (2020-12-18, 11:18)

    Event location:


    Due to the circumstances this year everything has been hard and OCR is one of the best things I’ve found to help with the hard times! Great community and a great group that runs this!! I LOVE SAVAGE and will always support it and be apart of it

  • Best ocr out there

    By Dave Hazelton (2020-12-17, 19:37)

    Event location:


    Savage is and has always been my favorite event of the year. It was also my first ever ocr which in itself got me addicted. Savage will always hold my loyalty storey support and love.

  • Florida Fall 20 Savage Race - completed

    By Laurence (2020-12-17, 15:42)

    Event location:

    Dade City, FL

    Loved every part of it, though I could not complete all the obstacles I enjoyed the challenge and will endeavor to do better next time. My only advice would be for the heavy bucket lever lift (dont know the official name) may be we can just start with the pole attached and run to the bell.

  • Maryland Fall 2018

    By Gaby (2020-12-16, 17:08)

    Event location:


    Third race there, love the terrain, obstacles are always an amazing challenge.

  • Races were safe

    By Welby Fairlie (2020-12-16, 03:57)

    Event location:

    MD, Thx, FL and NC

    Appreciated all efforts by Savage team to keep the race course safe (Covid) by way of limited but more frequent waves, eliminating certain obstacles, and requiring masks be worn in festival area (Altho disappointed it wasn’t enforced more in TX and FL). Hand sanitizer was helpful although funny to see one time when I was covered in mud!!

  • Best race I’ve ever run and volunteered for!

    By David Cahill (2020-12-15, 20:17)

    Event location:


    Savage is like a family, a community who keeps pushing each other on and off the course to get better. Great courses with lots of water stations and the swag is even more awesome! In the midst of a daunting 20/20 SAVAGE hit a grand slam! Just my opinion but go see for yourself

  • Maryland Fall 2020

    By Jenny Lessin (2020-12-15, 16:52)

    Event location:

    Kennedyville Maryland

    Absolutely LOVED the race! This was my second Savage Race and it was amazing. The variety and creativity of the obstacles challenged me to step out of my “obstacle comfort zone” and try new things. Savage knows how put on an event, safe and fun!! I can’t wait until my next one! Thank you Sam Abbitt and everyone that make it happen!!

  • Best OCR

    By Kim Crapps (2020-12-15, 16:21)

    Event location:


    I’ve done a few OCRs ranging from Spartan to TM to bonefrog. Savage is by far the most fun. The obstacles are incomparable and awesome. It takes skill and agility to complete them so they’re not too easy but they’re fun at the same time. I never miss a race that is within driving distance. If you haven’t done one, they are so worth it.

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