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Savage Race Participant Reviews

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  • Savage is the leader in OCR

    By Drew (2020-11-16, 13:45)

    Event location:

    FL GA

    I have ran nearly every OCR that had come around and Savage is the only one that I run twice a year. It’s the one that I look forward to running.

  • Best ocr in the business

    By Sheldon Calicott (2020-10-08, 11:18)

    Event location:


    You won't find a more well rounded, top notch, and better community.

  • Georgia 2020

    By Heather (2020-10-08, 03:28)

    Event location:


    Incredible. Fun. Challenging. Amazing staff of workers and volunteers. So great to be back outside racing my butt off. I love this organization!

  • Team Incrediballs become Florida Fall Sunday Savages!

    By Tim Sylvia and Team Incrediballs (2019-11-11, 01:27)

    Event location:

    Dade City, FL

    Perfect event from weather, to staffing, to energy, to the crowd itself. First timers and had a blast. Savages rock and we had instant rapport with everyone, felt welcomed, loved the support and camaraderie. Shout out to 'Coach' Eva, and 'FIVE' (if you were there at Lumberjack Alley, you know...). We are already planning to return in March. 5 newbies and the day could not have gone better.

  • Best Obstacles, Best Staff - Great race

    By Mitch (2019-11-10, 23:19)

    Event location:

    Barre MA

    I absolutely love how Savage does everything. They have two of the best OCR obstacles in Colossus and Sawtooth. They offer two different race distances (in 2020 you can run them both on the same day). They have a very sweet Syndicate medal. And their customer support is second to none. Savage Race is an event that if you experience it once you will be hooked and will want to go back again and again.

  • Savage Race Fall of 2019 was epic and fun to say the least!

    By Cameron Cox (2019-11-10, 23:15)

    Event location:

    Dade City, Florida

    Did the 7.2 Mile Savage Race without training for it(running, gym, etc.) and managed to complete all but 4 obstacles. It was exhilarating, tiring, limit pushing, and all n all a fun filled event!

  • Florida Fall

    By Peter (2019-11-10, 21:46)

    Event location:

    Dade city

    Another amazing Florida race, volunteered on Saturday the 9th and race in the volunteer wave, I was schedule to run on Sunday as well but I wasn't able to run because we got there late and between my wife wave and the Kids JR race I missed the last wave, I wish savage had some sort of child care we could pay for to leave the kids during our wave. Other than that great venue, multiple opportunities to earn different stuff during pull ups competition, pro and age group wave, the new obstacles were amazing and the course on another level.

  • Florida Savage 2019

    By Arika McCormack (2019-11-10, 21:38)

    Event location:

    Dade City, Florida

    As a first time participant overall I found the race itself to be enjoyable, the course itself was very nice and the obstacles were great. However, as a first time savage participant and long time participant of other mud/obstacle 5K courses I was deeply upset to discover all the ancillary fees associated with this race. I find the fees to be extraordinarily high for registration, the mandatory insurance and having to pay to have your bag checked was something very unnecessary (and unexpected). I found the experience itself to be pleasant but given the not so cost friendly aspects I can’t say for certain I would race again. We live in an extremely expensive world and these events are meant to be healthy activities to be enjoyed, making them more cost effective to the average individual could help ensure that aspect. In all I’m giving the race a 3 out of 5, due to the lack of “bang for your buck”.

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