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Savage Race Participant Reviews

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  • Never disappointed!

    By Miriam (2020-02-13, 21:42)

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    I've done this race twice, and it is AWESOME. They go from good to better and they are the BEST. My first race, I was not at all physically inclined (overweight for sure, with no muscle whatsoever) but I loved it, and everyone was so willing to help me get over obstacles with my two brothers. In fact, it motivated me to lose over 40 pounds before my second race, and I am just awed by the community, let alone the obstacles, that this race has. You should definitely go SAVAGE in Maryland!!

  • Florida Fall 2019

    By David Konz (2019-11-18, 15:40)

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    I just started running OCR this year and this was my first Savage race. I ran the Blitz on Sunday with my daughter and her boyfriend and it was an awesome experience. I completed all but 4 of the obstacles which I'm happy about and know where I need to keep training. Perfect weather, perfect distance and great experience. Next year I plan on running the full race and blitz course the same weekend. #GETSAVAGE

  • Savage Fall 2019

    By Greg Yaddow (2019-11-12, 22:20)

    Event location:

    Dade City, FL

    I’ve been running Savages since the fall of 2013. Every year it gets more and more fun to do. The obstacles are one of the main reasons I continue to return year after year. There’s always something new. New things are added, while keeping some of the fan favorites that will never get old. I started to volunteer at the Savage Race earlier this year. I’ve been able to meet a lot, if not most of the people behind what’s put together for us. I’ve run other races throughout the years, and Savage Race is the one that I make sure I don’t miss. It’s a great environment, where you’re not required to complete anything. Challenging yourself is totally up to you. It’s a fun environment, with great people. Whether alone, or with a group, you’re going to have a good time, with an experience to remember and share with others!

  • Awesome volunteers

    By Lang (2019-11-11, 18:00)

    Event location:


    A big thank you goes to the volunteers at the colossus. They went above and beyond to help me out!!!!

  • Staff and Volunteers save the day

    By Nick Carroll (2019-11-11, 13:47)

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    This past weekend we ran the Savage Race in Florida. We have run this race many times but never on a Sunday before. My friend and I brought our two sons. We also brought my dad so he could watch our sons while he and I were on course. Our sons were registered for the Savage Jr. at 11:00. However we were used to there being multiple kids races as there typically are on Saturday. We were not aware that they limited it to only one race on Sunday. Our sons decided to wait for us to finish our race so we could be back to cheer them on. Once he and I finished at 11:40 we realized there was only the one kid’s race and our boys missed their chance. I spoke with a volunteer and he pointed me to registration. I went up and spoke with a nice young lady who went and found Lee, the Savage Jr. Race director. We really just wanted the boys to run the course (we would follow along with them). Lee said they were not tearing down the Jr. Course until 1:00 and they could go ahead and run it. They even organized a staffer to meet the boys at the finish line cheering them on and giving them their medal and shirt. It saved the day. I will say this, I expected them to say no but the staff and volunteers really stepped up to make the day special for them. Thank you very much.

  • Team Incrediballs become Florida Fall Sunday Savages!

    By Tim Sylvia and Team Incrediballs (2019-11-11, 01:27)

    Event location:

    Dade City, FL

    Perfect event from weather, to staffing, to energy, to the crowd itself. First timers and had a blast. Savages rock and we had instant rapport with everyone, felt welcomed, loved the support and camaraderie. Shout out to 'Coach' Eva, and 'FIVE' (if you were there at Lumberjack Alley, you know...). We are already planning to return in March. 5 newbies and the day could not have gone better.

  • Best Obstacles, Best Staff - Great race

    By Mitch (2019-11-10, 23:19)

    Event location:

    Barre MA

    I absolutely love how Savage does everything. They have two of the best OCR obstacles in Colossus and Sawtooth. They offer two different race distances (in 2020 you can run them both on the same day). They have a very sweet Syndicate medal. And their customer support is second to none. Savage Race is an event that if you experience it once you will be hooked and will want to go back again and again.

  • Savage Race Fall of 2019 was epic and fun to say the least!

    By Cameron Cox (2019-11-10, 23:15)

    Event location:

    Dade City, Florida

    Did the 7.2 Mile Savage Race without training for it(running, gym, etc.) and managed to complete all but 4 obstacles. It was exhilarating, tiring, limit pushing, and all n all a fun filled event!