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Savage Race Participant Reviews

  • Savage is the best

    By Jason Phillips (2020-12-15, 02:14)

    Event location:


    I've ran over 12 Savage races and have had the greatest experiences over all the over race brands. And I will add, customer service is the best of any company I've dealt with.

  • Chicago 2020

    By Scott (2020-12-15, 01:22)

    Event location:

    Chicago 2020

    Glad we were able to race. Savage adapted great to Covid protocol.


    By Harold (2020-12-15, 01:00)

    Event location:

    Dade city

    Added more new obstacles that I havent done in the past. Always love the staff , very professional.

  • Atlanta Rocked it

    By Kimberly skriba (2020-12-15, 00:31)

    Event location:

    Atlanta 2020

    Brings it every time

  • Charlotte 2020 was awesome!

    By Nick Henne (2020-12-15, 00:06)

    Event location:

    Charlotte, NC

    As always the Savage team brought it! Great course! See you next year!

  • πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ͺ🏼

    By Z (2020-12-14, 23:58)

    Event location:

    Georgia / North Carolina

    Savage making 2020 relevant! Rising above the smoke from the dumpster fire and bringing people together... safely!

  • Review

    By Mariya Phillips (2020-12-14, 23:41)

    Event location:


    Great obstacles, great distances, and brings all sorts of people together. Their customer service is beyond most that you'll encounter with other companies. Always putting their customers first, they gave it their all to produce the best 2020 season that we can get. Like most, I am super thankful that we had a couple of races this year. The Savage Anywhere workouts are great, and as a trainer I think they're awesome for people to do.

  • Best race overall

    By John Befort (2020-12-14, 22:59)

    Event location:


    We do a lot of different races every year, but Savage is our favorite by far. The obstacles are the best and the people are great! Venue locations are also the best. It’s an enjoyable race for all skill levels.

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