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Savage Race Participant Reviews

  • Florida Fall 2020

    By Tonya (2020-12-15, 14:47)

    Event location:


    It was a tough year for everyone. All my runs had been canceled, but Savage pulled it off. Put together an awesome plan for safety and got back to the Savage fun. Staff also was so friendly and helpful for the entire process and always quick to respond.

  • Charlotte - Great Event Staff

    By Brittany (2020-12-15, 14:04)

    Event location:

    Charlotte, NC

    I had a medical emergency on the course, and I was extremely impressed with the care provided by on-site medics and the follow-up from Savage Race customer service after the race. I wasn't able to finish the race, but I'm looking forward to participating in the next Charlotte Savage Race!

  • Charlotte, NC - despite it still being 2020 was an amazing OCR

    By Maureen Bacon (2020-12-15, 13:20)

    Event location:

    Charlotte, NC

    Our first Savage Race... The best obstacles of any I've ever done. Excellent safety and social distancing precautions, friendly and helpful staff. Overall a great experience and we've already signed up for next year!

  • Medical emergency was handled well

    By Deirdre (2020-12-15, 11:37)

    Event location:

    Charlotte, NC

    As I was watching one of the obstacles I had a call that one of my daughters had a medical emergency. The staff quickly got her to the med tent and took great care of her until the ambulance came. The Savage Race team handled the situation well and reassured the rest of us that she was being treated by skilled professionals. I was very impressed with her care and with the follow up after the race. We will definitely come back in June for the next Charlotte race since my daughters were very disappointed to not be able to finish this (their first) race. They were enjoying the course and the obstacles.

  • Dallas, Maryland 2020

    By Mandy Blackwell (2020-12-15, 11:00)

    Event location:

    Dallas, Maryland

    Ran my first Savage in 2015 To this day it is still my favorite race. From the second you pull into the parking lot, to the minute you leave it I’d organized and smooth. Savage puts on a first class event! Even with the restrictions of COVID this year, they were on the forefront of safety. Their obstacles are some of the best in the industry. Can’t wait until 2021! 6 races on the calendar. 100% or bust!

  • NC Charlotte

    By Sam Highins (2020-12-15, 04:45)

    Event location:


    Appreciate the professionalism and ability to adapt to 2020 circumstances! Savage and Spartan are my favorites - love the syndicate! Savage is definately top notch and the FB group is unmatched! I love the ocr community and Savage race is a leader in the pack for sure! Thank you for everything in 2020 and I’ll see you again in Chicago 2021

  • MD 2020 was inspirational!

    By Sue Weiss (2020-12-15, 02:34)

    Event location:


    This was my third year doing MD Savage, and by far the best one ever! Why? Not only did the weather finally cooperate, but the camaraderie and vibe between racers, staff, volunteers, and photographers was so enthusiastically empowering, especially to us northeast Savages (first race open since lockdown!). It was Savage’s 2nd reopen race after the pandemic started...truly people were energized and hopeful for the sport after long months of gyms being shutdown and other races being cancelled. It even inspired me to travel south to do my first TX Savage (awesome location, by the way). Truly memorable and should be very proud of how to run a race during a pandemic; others should take note! Thank you, Sam and Savage got all that you did in the OCR community this year!

  • Florida Fall

    By Caroline (2020-12-15, 02:26)

    Event location:

    Dade City, FL

    As my first OCR of the year, I was super excited that savage was able to adapt to Covid and still allow us to race. First syndicate ever and the staff, volunteers, participates were amazing. Can’t wait for next year, bring on savage 2021

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