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The Savage Anywhere challenge is a 28 day challenge designed to help you prepare for your Savage Race event. To participate in the challenge, you can follow this link to register. Registered participants will receive a Zeus Challenge shirt and Savage Anywhere medal upon completion, and the completion will count towards Savage Syndicate eligibility. Read the full details and rules for Savage Anywhere.

You are now on the workout page for Savage Anywhere, The 2022 Artemis Challenge. You have 28 days to complete the following 14 challenges, so take rest days as needed.

Equipment suggested: All of the movements may be scaled for athletes without access to fitness equipment. However, the experience is enhanced if you have access to dumbbells, a jump rope, a pull-up bar, and a heavy backpack, sandbag, or other heavy object.

Download the Savage Anywhere challenge log to keep track of your workouts.

Savage Anywhere MMXXII

With the 2022 Savage Race season in full swing, Savage Anywhere: The Zeus Challenge rolls out with a whole new set of challenges designed to keep you in shape, keep those skills sharp and help you stay at the top of your game.  Some things to look for in this series:  grip strength work (a lot of it), core strength, compromised running and strength under fatigue.  In Greek mythology, Zeus was above all, and his favor was sought not only by man but by other gods as well.  You’ll need his favor to get through these workouts.  Let’s get after it Savages!  


Artemis I

For time:

.25 mile run
40 Renegade rows with push up
.5 mile run
30 Renegade rows with push up
.75 mile run
20 Renegade rows with push up
1 mile run
10 Renegade rows with push up 

Recommended Weight:
Advanced:  M:  25lb            W:  15lb
Scaled:       M:  15-20lb   W:  5-10lb

At ‘go’ the athlete begins with a .25 mile run and returns to begin a set of 40 renegade rows with push-up.  From the push-up plank position with hands grasping both dumbbells, the athlete completes a push-up followed by a row with the right arm and then a push-up followed by a row with the left arm and continues this for a total of 40 reps.  Each push-up and following row is considered a rep (at the end of the set, the athlete will have done 40 push-ups and 40 total rows-20 each side).  After the set of 40, the athlete will set out for a half mile run and return for a set of 30 renegade rows with push-up.  The third round consists of a .75 mile run and 20 renegade rows and the final round is a one mile run followed by 10 renegade rows with push-up.  Score is time. 


Renegade row with push-up:  Keep a wide foot stance for stability.  Core should be fully engaged throughout the set.  Chest must break the plane of the top of the dumbbells.  Break up sets if needed.  Keep elbows close to the torso and pull the weight to the side, just above the hip with a fully retracted scapula at the top. Scale weight as needed.  


Artemis II

Weighted Sit Ups  (athlete’s choice: 5lb, 10lb, 20lb or scaled-no weight)
DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges (athlete’s choice of partitioning)

3 minute rest then: 

5 Rounds
200 yd Shuttle Run (50 yd out and back twice)
100 yd Towel DB Farmers Carry (50 yd out and back)

Recommended Dumbbell Weight (Front Rack Reverse Lunges and Famers Carry):
Advanced:     M:  45-50lb W:  30-35lb
Scaled:   M:  30-35lb W:  15-20lb

At ‘go’ the athlete begins five sets of ascending rep scheme (10-20-30-40-50) of two movements: weighted sit ups and dumbbell front rack reverse lunges.  10 sit ups followed by 10 reverse lunges, 20 sit ups followed by 20 reverse lunges, etc until 50 of each are performed in the final set.  Sit ups can be performed with an ab mat, pillow or lumbar support, or without.  No foot/toe holds.  Athlete must touch the ground with the weight with arms extended above the head at the bottom of the rep and must touch the ground with the weight at the feet at the top of the rep.  Any weighted single item can be used for the movement.  For the dumbbell front rack reverse lunges, the athlete must stand upright with hips fully open at the top of the rep and touch the knee to the ground at the bottom of the rep.  The athlete can partition the reps any way he/she chooses (single alternating, 5 each leg, etc).  Each knee touch is one rep.

Once completed the athlete takes a three minute rest before starting 5 rounds of a 200 yard shuttle run and 100 yard towel dumbbell farmers carry.  Both movements are 50 yards out and back with the shuttle run being done twice each round.  For the towel DB farmers carry, the athlete wraps a short towel around each dumbbell or kettlebell, grasps the towel securely, lifts the weights and walks.

Score is time of each set of movements (two scores for the workout)


Artemis III

For time:

5 Rounds for time
5      Wall Walks
10    Dead Hangs with Hip Tap
15    Goblet Squats
25    Double Unders (50 Single Unders)

At ‘go’ the athlete begins the round with 5 wall walks.  A full wall walk consists of the athlete ‘walking’ all the way to the wall once in the inverted vertical position and touching the wall with the chest, then ‘walking’ back out until the feet, legs and the chest are resting on the ground (see demo video).  The scaled version of the wall walk consists of the athlete beginning in the resting position, feet, legs and chest on the ground and the soles of the feet touching the wall, then performing a push up to plank hold. From there, the athlete holds the push up plank position while placing both feet on the wall (one at a time), a minimum of two feet above the ground and pauses before returning to the start position.  This equals one rep of the basic scaled version.  The progression of the wall walk standard is when the athlete attempts to ‘walk’ toward the wall when in the vertical position as far as possible before reversing and ‘walking’ back out to the resting position.  Prior to starting the workout the athlete should determine what standard of wall walk he/she will be attempting and strive to hold to that standard for the entire workout.  To clarify:  the scaled version of the wall walk is any version from the basic ‘hold and back down’ movement to any number of ‘walks’ toward the wall without touching the wall with the chest. 

From there, the athlete completes 10 dead hangs with hip tap.  From the dead hang position, the athlete releases the bar with one hand, lowers that hand and taps the hip on the same side before raising it back up and re-grabbing the bar.  He/she repeats the same movement with the other hand for a total of 10 reps.  Each tap is a rep.  From there, the athlete will complete 15 goblet squats, holding the weighted object at the top of the chest just under the chin, squatting to a below parallel position at the bottom before returning to an upright position with knees straight and hips completely open at the top. The final movement is jump rope:  25 double unders or 50 single unders.  The athlete completes 5 rounds of this sequence.  Score is time.

Recommended Goblet Squat Weight:
Advanced:    M:  50lb W:  35lb
Scaled:   M:  30-35lb W:  15-20lb
Dead Hang Hip Tap Scaled Option:   Dead Hang Head Taps


Artemis IV

Buy in:   .5 mile run

Directly into:

24 min AMRAP

10 DB Burpee Box Step Ups
20 DB Push Press
20 Alt DB Snatch

Buy out:   .5 mile run

Scores (2):  Combined time of runs, Rounds and Reps of AMRAP

Recommended DB Weight:
Advanced:     M:  40lb W:  25lb
Scaled:   M:  30-35lb W:  15-20lb



-Burpee Box Step Ups:  If possible, box/ledge height should be M: 24”, W: 20”
-DB Push Press:  Dip and drive to locked knees, arms fully extended above head
-Alt DB Snatches:  One head of dumbbell touches at bottom; switch hands any position. 20 total per round


Artemis V

4 Mile Savage Ruck

Ruck Sack/Back Pack weighted with 20% of bodyweight (scale as needed)

Every 4 minutes alternate the following 2 movements:
50 Air Squats
25 Push Ups 

At ‘go’ the athlete heads out for a 4 mile ruck with a ruck sack or weighted backpack.  At the 4 minute mark the athlete stops and completes 50 air squats and resumes the ruck.  4 minutes from the point of resuming, the athlete stops and completes 25 push ups and resumes the ruck.  The athlete continues this sequence until the end of the 4 mile ruck.



Artemis VI 

Every 4 min until 50 burpees are reached:

.25 mile run or 500m row
10 Russian KB/DB Swings
10 Hanging Knee Raises
Max burpees for the remainder of the 4 min
Repeat until 50 burpees are reached

Recommended KB/DB Weight:
Advanced:     M:  50lb W:  35lb
Scaled:   M:  35-45lb W:  20-30lb

At ‘go’ the athlete begins with a .25 mile run or 500m row (athlete’s choice) and returns to complete 10 Russian KB/DB swings and 10 hanging knee raises.  For the Russian KB/DB swings, the weight must reach eye level with arms extended in front of the body. For the hanging knee raises, the upper thigh must reach above parallel position.  From there, the athlete begins burpees and continues until the clock reaches 4 minutes.  At the 4 minute mark (clock still running), the athlete begins another set of the same, starting with the run or row and ending with burpees, but picking up count where he/she left off of the prior set of burpees.  The athlete continues this 4 min sequence until he/she reaches a total of 50 burpees.  Score is time.

The run/row should take anywhere from 1:45-2:30 and the KB/DB swings and hanging knee raises should take between :45-1:00, leaving anywhere from 30sec-90sec for burpees, each round.  For added challenge, substitute American KB/DB swings (weight goes all the way to the overhead position) for the Russian swings and Toes to Bar for the hanging knee raises.  


Artemis VII

Part A
“Savage Bleep Test”

EMOM for as long as possible 

7 Thrusters
7 Pull Ups
7 Burpees

Recommended Weights:
Barbell – M:  75lb         W:  55lb
Dumbbells – M:  35lb    W:  25lb 

Starting at the top of the minute, complete one round. Rest the remainder of the minute. Repeat and continue until no longer able to complete a full round in under 1 minute. 

Pull Up Scaled Options:
Jumping Pull Ups
Ring Rows
Low Bar Pull Ups
Banded Pull Up

“Savage” as in “this is a badass workout!”.  Bleep as in “*&^$%# that was hard!”  “Test” as in overall fitness test.  The sport of OCR requires fitness across multiple domains, modalities and disciplines.  To be good at OCR means you have to be good at a lot of shi…errr stuff, and have a solid foundation of fitness.  This is a great test of fitness in that it encompasses all muscle groups with a combination of a lift, a gymnastics movement and a cardio movement while pushing aerobic threshold to capacity.  It also requires some strategy.  Athletes must balance the ‘hustle to get through and have some rest before starting over’ with ‘if I go too hard I’ll redline and pop’.  Best of luck as you get after this one.

Rest 5 min

Part B  “Athena Speaks”

For time:
100 Thrusters
Every 2 min:  200 yd run 

Recommended Weights:
Barbell –       M:  75lb W:  55lb
Dumbbells – M:  35lb    W:  25lb 

From Athena I (lighter weight, short run instead of burpees)


Artemis VIII

10 rounds of the following run pace sequence

3 min          easy pace
1 min          moderate pace
30 sec         all out 

45 min total

Progression.  This workout is about progression and recovery while running.  At ‘go’ the athlete begins running at an easy ‘conversation’ pace.  At the 3 minute mark, the pace is increased to a moderate/fast pace, significantly faster than the first pace but not all out, for 1 minute.  At the 4 minute mark, the athlete runs at an ‘all out’ max effort pace for 30 seconds before resuming the next 3 minute slow easy pace segment.  This sequence is repeated for a total of 10 rounds, 45 minutes.  The 3 minute segment should be used for recovery as the athlete should continue running.  However, the second and third segments should each include a significant pace increase for maximum effect.  Progression leads to progress.  Keep on Savages.  


Artemis IX

Round 1

20 Dead Stop Deadlifts
30 sec Elbow Plank Hold
30 sec Forearm Plank to Push Up Plank
30 sec Plank Jacks
30 sec Side Plank Hold
30 sec Plank Shoulder Taps
30 sec Side Plank Hold

40 Sit ups

1 min rest

Round 2

20 No Touch Deadlifts

30 sec Elbow Plank Hold
30 sec Forearm Plank to Push Up Plank
30 sec Plank Jacks
30 sec Side Plank Hold
30 sec Plank Shoulder Taps
30 sec Side Plank Hold

40 Sit ups 

1 min rest

Round 3

20 Touch and Go Deadlifts

30 sec Elbow Plank Hold
30 sec Forearm Plank to Push Up Plank
30 sec Plank Jacks
30 sec Side Plank Hold
30 sec Plank Shoulder Taps
30 sec Side Plank Hold (opposite side from the last side plank hold)
40 Sit Ups

Recommended Weights:
Barbell –   M:  135lb W:  95lb
Dumbbells – M:   50lb     W:  35lb

Three round of deadlifts (3 variations), plank sequence and sit-ups.  Deadlifts can be dumbbell or barbell and the variation name describes the movement:

Dead Stop:  weight must come to a complete rest on the ground before re-lifting.  Hands can remain on the weight.

No Touch:  weight should come close to but not touch the ground before the re-lift.

Touch and Go:  weight taps the ground but doesn’t rest on the ground before the re-lift.


This is not ‘for time’ as the athlete should focus on proper deadlift form and not rush the movement.  Goal is to do the deadlifts unbroken but the athlete should break if needed to maintain good form.  Dumbbell deadlifts typically have a greater range of motion (deeper at the bottom) than barbell deadlifts so keep the back straight, butt down and head up at the bottom of the lifts



Artemis X

24 Min AMRAP

20 DB Ballistic Rows (10 each side)
20 Seated DB Filly Press (10 each side, non alternating)
20 DB Push Up
20 sec Towel Dead Hang

Recommended DB Weight:
Advanced:     M:  50lb W:  35lb
Scaled:   M:  35-45lb W:  20-30lb

Another ‘in place’ challenge with an emphasis on shoulders, core and grip.  

DB ballistic rows:  goal is to hold the bent over position with hips pushed back and a straight spine along with minimal hip hinge.  Full release of the weight to challenge eye-hand coordination.  Arm must reach full extension at the bottom as the lat releases.  

Seated DB Filly press:  emphasis here will be core as the athlete must hold an upright seated position while performing 10 controlled presses with the left, then 10 with the right.  Note the position of the non-working arm as it holds the DB steady in the front rack position (DB head may rest on the shoulder while in the hold).  The working arm is to reach full extension overhead.  

DB push ups:  athlete may place the dumbbells at any angle and at any width but the chest must break the plane of the top of the dumbbells. Scaled version will be DB knee push ups.  

Towel dead hang:  athlete can choose between active (lats engaged, slight elbow bend) or passive, (lats relaxed, arms fully extended) hold or a combination.  Make sure the shoulders are warmed up and loose prior to starting.  


Artemis XI

Buy In  .25 mile run

Ascending/Descending Ladder
1 Lungester
10 Box Jumps
2 Lungesters
9 Box Jumps
3 Lungesters
7 Box Jumps
Continue to
10 Lungesters
1 Box Jump 

Buy Out  .25 mile run

Recommended Weights:
Barbell –   M:  85lb   W:  65lb
Dumbbells –  M:   35b      W:  20lb

Scale as needed

At ‘go’ the athlete begins the workout with a .25 mile run buy in.  From there the athlete begins an ascending/descending ladder of two movements:  lungesters and box jumps.  The first round is 1 lungester followed by 10 box jumps. The second round is 2 lungesters and 9 box jumps.  The athlete continues this progression, adjusting rep counts, until the final (10th) round of 10 lungesters followed by 1 box jump.  A buy out run of .25 mile completes the workout.  Three scores:  buy in run time, ladder time, buy out run time.  BONUS POINTS FOR A NEGATIVE SPLIT BUY OUT RUN!.



Lungesters:  a complex, compound movement comprised of a single alternating reverse lunge (left and right) directly into a thruster with the athlete holding weight in the front rack position.  Weight can be barbell or dumbbell.  For the lunges, keep a balanced, upright position as you take a natural lunge step backward and touch the back knee to the ground.  At the bottom of the movement, the front leg should form an approximate 90 degree angle.  Then, begin momentum with a slight forward tilt of the torso and push off the floor with the front foot (slight push off the back foot as well) returning to the upright position.   From there, while keeping the weight in the front rack position, the athlete squats to parallel or below before returning to a standing position and pressing the weight directly overhead to full arm extension in one fluid movement.  This completes one lungester rep.   In the later rounds as fatigue sets in, keep the elbows high in the front rack position with back straight and head up, careful not to let the weight pull you forward. 

Box Jumps:  If possible, box/ledge height should be M: 24”, W: 20”.  The athlete must stand tall at the top with fully open hips and straight legs.  Scaled option:  step ups (same rule applies at the top of the box).

Do the work Savages. 


Artemis XII

5 Rounds

40 Double Unders (80 Single Unders)
40 DB Russian Twists
20 yd DB Bear Crawl
20 Supermans
.25 mile run

Recommended DB Weight
Advanced: M: 35 lb      W:  25lb
Scaled:       M:  20-30lb W: 10-20lb

Score is time


Russian Twists:  Advanced-keep feet off the ground,  Scaled-feet rest on the ground.

DB Bear Crawl:  Can be 10 yd out and back (athlete must completely cross the 10 yd line before returning).

Supermans:  from full resting position, arms, torso, legs and feet on ground to fully raised arms, shoulders, knees and feet (legs kept straight) with 1 second hold at the top.


Artemis XIII

.5 mile run directly into

3 Rounds
10 Alternating SingleArm Devils Press (5L & 5R)
40 yd Walking Lunge (20yd out and back)
2 Wall Walks

3 min rest, then

.5 mile run directly into

3 Rounds
10 DB Front Squat
10 DB Push Press
10 DB Hang Cleans

3 min rest, then

.5 mile run

At ‘go’ the athlete begins with a half mile run, returns and begins three rounds of three movements, beginning with 10 alternating single arm devils press.  From there, the athlete begins a 20 yd out and back walking lunge (not in place) before finishing the round with 2 wall walks. The athlete completes two more rounds of the same sequence before resting.  

Following a 3 minute rest, the athlete takes off for a half mile run, returns and begins three rounds of three new movements, beginning with 10 DB front squats. From there the athlete completes 10 DB push presses before finishing the round with 10 DB hang cleans. The athlete completes two more rounds of the same sequence before resting. 

Following a 3 minute rest, the athlete finishes the workout by completing a half mile run.  


Devil Presses:  The athlete’s chest should go below the DB head at bottom of burpee. As the athlete comes up with the DB grasped in one hand, he/she may use a slight back swing between the knees before beginning the upward pull.  Dumbbell must move in continuous motion to overhead.  Rep is complete when both dumbbells are overhead with elbows, hips, and knees locked out and over the center plane of the body.

Wall Walks:  Refer to Artemis III for Wall Walk description and standards. 

DB Front Squats:  Keep the weights resting on the shoulder in the front rack position with elbows high.  Keep the back straight and the head up and avoid letting the weight pull you forward as you squat.  Hips should reach below parallel at the bottom.  

DB Push Press:  Dip (bend at the knees) and drive the weight to overhead.  Shoulders should finish the press as knees lock out and hips open fully.  

DB hang clean:  Push the hips back and hinge slightly at the waist until the weights hang to approximately knee height.  Movement should start with the hips pulling forward, followed by a shrug pull with the traps immediately into the elbow pull as the weights follow a straight path upward.  The athlete assumes a quarter squat position and receives the weights on the shoulders before standing fully upright. 



Artemis XIV


 Deck of Cards

Shuffle that deck Savages.  Keeping this one OG, only 4 movements.  Lotta reps coming your way. One of them is new: introducing Ellie-Ups (credit to my daughter Jordan, Ellie’s mom, for coming up with this one.  She’s a mom now but still knows how to train Savage.  Aces are like The Rig…nasty but you’d be disappointed without something that kicks your @ss.  

Numbered cards 2-10 = complete the number of reps on the card that is drawn.

Face Cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings) = 10 reps each

Aces = Repeat the last 3 cards (who will be honest??)


Clubs – Ellie-Ups

Diamonds – Alt DB Snatches

Spades – 200 yd run (total of 12…unless you draw an Ace after)

Hearts – Burpees (cuz you love ‘em)


Recommended Weight
Advanced:  M:  40lb         W:  30lb
Scaled:       M:  25-35lb   W:  15-25lb


Ellie Ups:  movement starts with the DB or KB upright on the floor just in front of the athlete.  At ‘go’ the athlete sinks into an air squat, weight on the heels, back straight and head up.  At the bottom the athlete leans forward just over the weight, places both hands on the ground and begins a walk-out to full extension.  At the end of the walk-out, the athlete performs a push up before walking back toward the weight.  From there the athlete sits back up to the bottom of the squat position, grabs the weight with both hands and explodes upward with a jump, reaching full hip extension while holding onto the weight in the hang position at the waist.  As the athlete lands, he/she goes directly into the air squat, this time setting the weight down on the ground before beginning another walkout to push up sequence.  Each jump is a rep.  The goal and purpose of this is to combine an explosive movement with a multi joint movement for a full body exercise that develops power and tests coordination. 

Congrats to all of you Savages who have been putting in the work, the time, the miles and the sweat.  It will pay off.  See you at an upcoming Savage Race! 


This completes the Artemis Challenge!

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