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2022 challenges now open:

Poseidon Challenge (New!)
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Poseidon Challenge Workout Page


Zeus Challenge 
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Athena Challenge
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Artemis Challenge
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Archived challenges:
Registration is closed for the following challenges, but you can still access the workout pages below.

2021 challenges:
Ox Challenge
Cobra Challenge
Rhino Challenge
Wolf Challenge

2020 challenges:
Anywhere I Challenge
Anywhere II Challenge

Program Features:

– 14 tough workouts you can complete at home or gym
– 28 days to complete (from when you start)
– Counts towards Syndicate
– Custom finisher medal and T-shirt mailed to you
– A new challenge begins every three months



About Savage Anywhere

The Savage Anywhere program was forged in March 2020, during the toughest of times for the Savage Race community. As businesses worldwide shuttered and all live events were canceled and postponed, the Savage community came together to complete a month long challenge that they could do from anywhere, which is now known as Savage Anywhere. In-person Savage Races are back now, but Savage Anywhere lives on.

Sometimes the best things in life are discovered during the hardest times. Savage Anywhere was one of the best things to come out of 2020.

What is the challenge?

You have four weeks to complete 14 individual workout challenges, designed by Savage’s team of fitness professionals. The clock starts ticking when you start your first workout, but you can sign up any time!

You can complete the challenges for free, HOWEVER…

If you register and pay for the challenge(s), you can expect the following:

1. We will send you a Savage Anywhere finisher shirt and Savage Anywhere medal upon completion. (Shipping and handling included in the US)
2. Your completion will count towards Savage Syndicate.
3. 14 tough-as-nails workouts for you to complete.

The Details…

This program does not require access to a gym. Ideally, you will have access to a few basic pieces of workout equipment: a dumbbell (or something heavy), a jump rope, a ruck/backpack, and a pull up bar. If you don’t have these pieces of equipment, substitutions can be made and are suggested in the program.

All of the challenges are difficult and will make you feel uncomfortable at times. That’s the point. These challenges will make you stronger, faster, and improve your overall health and conditioning.

All Savage Anywhere challenges are Syndicate eligible, and you can even earn your Savage Syndicate by completing two Savage Anywhere challenges within a calendar year.

Keep a workout log, and share your results and workout photos in the Savage Syndicate Facebook group (Facebook group participation is not a requirement, but encouraged).

You can scale workouts as needed to match your fitness level. It’s ok to scale weight and movements as needed to match your ability. Walking, run-walking, or rucking may always be substituted for running. The point is to push yourself.

Upon completion, anyone with a paid registration may fill out the corresponding form below to claim their earned T-shirt and medal.

2022 Athena, Zeus, Artemis, Poseidon completion form

The workouts will all be posted on the workout page for your challenge, with new workouts appearing every two days.

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