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Savage Race Participant Reviews

  • MD spring race AKA Mud Monster

    By Jeremy Rogers ( 2019-05-08 , 00:21 )

    Event location:


    First race for my son and me , we both had a blast! Definitely doing it again! Course was very challenging with all the mud! We didn’t complete everything but we had a great time trying.

  • Savage gives you the best OCR experience!

    By Jeremiah Fincher ( 2019-05-08 , 00:16 )

    Event location:


    I signed up for my first Savage Race 4 years ago and have been hooked ever since. It’s the perfect balance of running and obstacles. I always leave each race motivated to train even harder for the next race!

  • Florida savages

    By Chloë ( 2019-05-08 , 00:15 )

    Event location:

    Dade city

    Hands down the best race I’ve participated in!!!

  • Savage is so much fun.

    By Shelly ( 2019-05-07 , 23:06 )

    Event location:


    My son and I did this together. It was our first race of this kind. It was fun, challenging, and great. I didn't make it through all the obstacles but did do better than I thought I would. We will be back and my little one now wants to do the kids race this time. Wish they were more often then twice a year.


    By Jessie ( 2019-05-07 , 22:38 )

    Event location:


    2018 was my first season with Savage and I wish I had come to Savage so much sooner! I hit PPD really hard after having my daughter. I gained an incredible amount of weight, was extremely unhealthy in every way possible which was the exact opposite of what my life was like before having my daughter. Someone mentioned Savage to me, until then I actually had never heard of them. I had done some OCR’s before but it never became my “thing”. Savage changed that and me, in so many ways. I began training and completed my first Savage in MD Spring and quickly became hooked. I’ve run 7 since then! Between the amazing support from staff, volunteers to even fellow runners. The courses are challenging but not impossible. I love that even if I couldn’t complete something, I’d have a plethora of people offering tips and tricks and I could do the same for others. I always recommend EVERYONE do an OCR just ONCE for the experience and always push Savage to be the first they do! And they end up hooked just like me 🙂

  • Savage is the BEST!!!

    By Rachel ( 2019-05-07 , 22:17 )

    Event location:

    Savage Maryland Spring 2019

    As with every Savage Race we do throughout the year, this event was perfect in every way. From parking to the after race party, everything was great! Parking was easy and close to the festival area. The check-in process was quick as well now that they have several lines for the pro wave. We love the way Matty T hypes up the racers before the race. It's such a fun, exciting moment right before we take off. The course was a great mix of everything- wooded terrain, hills, river crossing, lake traversing, and lots and lots of mud due to the rain all weekend. The obstacles were well placed throughout the miles. We love how Savage Race continues to bring fun, new obstacles every year and surprises us with which obstacles they will place in their races. There's a variety of easy and challenging obstacles, so there's something for everyone. The Savage Crew did a good job following the top athletes to broadcast the race Live on Facebook for everyone to see. The volunteers were also great, cheering us on and having fun despite standing out in the rain. The finishers shirts are super soft! I love the two different blue and green Savage and Blitz shirts. The new finisher, winner, and syndicate medals are cool too! I like that they change them each year. The festival area was fun, with good music, Savage merchandise tent, and lots of sponsor booths. The sponsors this year are amazing! Free samples of Zevia drinks, Bob's bars, and Up4 probiotics! Salming is there selling shoes as well! Great job Savage Race! You will always be the best... and my favorite... OCR out there!

  • Best OCR there is

    By Tony ( 2019-05-07 , 22:01 )

    Event location:


    In just a few year's time I've gone from running savage race for the first time to running in the pro wave twice a year, every year as tradition now. Why? Because it's the best, the onstacles are challenging but fun, the distance is long enough to separate the fast from the slow but not too long to not be fun. The rules are the best of races I've done, fail an obstacle? Try and try again until you can pass, no one try and done. I love everything about savage race even what you get for the money.

  • Grip Obstacles and Technique - Love it!

    By Steph ( 2019-05-07 , 21:01 )

    Event location:


    I absolutely love the grip obstacles at savage! I also like how technique based many of them are - you can have grip strength for days yet still fail some of the obstacles if you do not go in with solid technique. I’ve done 4 savage races and I’ve lost my band at twirly bird twice - I can’t wait to conquer that one!

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