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When Savage Race was born in 2011, we set six rules to define who we are and to set us apart from everyone else. To this day, we design our events with these rules as our guideposts.

  1. Savage Race is incredibly fun.
  2. We always have the best obstacles.
  3. It's about teamwork and friendship.
  4. Our community matters to us more than anything.
  5. We challenge beginners. We challenge experts.
  6. No one expects you to beat all the obstacles. It's normal to fail.
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Savage Race obstacles are regularly voted best in the industry by participants like you.

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Savage finisher shirts are crafted from a lightweight, ultra soft, cotton/poly blend.

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Unique medals for Savage Race, Savage Blitz, Savage Syndicate, and SavagePRO award winners


We leverage the most accurate timing equipment available to keep track of your race time.

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Our photographers are on course for great photo ops! (7 stations for Race, 5 for Blitz). Find your photos after the event using our facial recognition search tools.

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Beer is the official recovery beverage of Savage Race. If you finish, your first one is on the house.

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Savage Race Participant Ratings

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Savage Race Participant Reviews

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  • Great Savage Maryland Fall Experience

    By Roy Reynolds (2019-09-09, 22:15)

    Event location:

    Maryland Fall, Kennedyville

    Great job changing up the course from last year. For a relatively flat region, you guys managed to use every foot of elevation at the site, along with every mudpit you could find. It definitely made for a slower pace through some areas, but provided extra challenge. I ran the pro first and then the open and by about 11:30 those mud pits were epic. Parking, registration, food, beer, volunteers, etc, were all excellent. The comaraderie after the race is awesome and I find it interesting how everybody has a different take on the course and obstacles. It was the first time I saw Inversion Therapy and it surprised me as it was harder than it looked, but that may be because it was right near the end. I really liked the obstacle loading at the end when you had 8 or so in the last half mile. Great job on the final rig obstacle as that one stumped a lot of racers. I also really like the 100% completion rule for the Pro race. I am not a speedster by any means and many other race series give such an advantage to the seasoned runners who know they may fail a few obstacles, but gladly do penalty laps or exercises. Grinders like me really appreciate the 100% rule to offset at least some of the speedster advantage. (Yes, I know I should also train to run faster.) Already looking forward to my next Savage Race!


    By James (2019-09-08, 19:36)

    Event location:


    My daughter and I loved this race I have done this race 4 times and EVERY time is different.. they switch it up, add new obstacles change course directions and always do a great job!

  • Florida Springs was awesome!!!

    By Nykol (2019-09-06, 14:40)

    Event location:


    Amazing experience!!!

  • Florida spring and fall

    By Eric (2019-08-31, 14:58)

    Event location:

    Little Everglades Ranch, Fl

    This will be my third year in a row attending savage race in Dade City. It is by far my favorite race of the year. It’s a great distance (7miles), the obstacles are great, it is the safest event I attend yearly, and always recommend it to others. I can’t wait to run this year!

  • Best Obstacles, Good Race Fair, Flat Terrain

    By Ron Thery (2019-07-29, 13:46)

    Event location:

    Chicago 2019

    I have run the Savage Race twice this year and my experiences were fairly similar both times. I run more than a dozen OCR's (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, Abominable Snow Race, etc.) a year along with Trail Runs and Road Races. The Savage Race organization puts on events that are comparable with the best. Like any event, there is room for improvement. Savage Race excels in the quantity and quality of their Multi-rigs. No other OCR has more or longer. They are not quite up to the level of Ninja competitions like the UNAA but they are pretty good since they have to make them at least accessible to people who don't train on that type of obstacle weekly. Savage Race even manages to put a twist on some of the more common obstacles like a log carry where they made us carry the timber under barb wire with water spray. I really can't complain about the number and quality of obstacles on the 10K course. I just love doing the multi-rig obstacles and repeated all of them in the Chicago Race since I was not going for quickest time. The event venue was good. Easy to get to the event and there was tons of parking. It would have been nice if they allowed camping at the event since we drove more than 6 hours to get to the race and hotels were not cheap (at least for anything better than a rathole). Many people did both the Saturday Savage Race and Sunday Savage Blitz. Camping at the event would have made things more convienent. The event terrain was FLAT. I thought the TX event was flat but the Chicago event had even less terrain features. I remember at most two slope climbs which climbed a maximum of 13 meters. This made for a very fast race but little in the way of interesting terrain footing challenges. There was a nice view out over a small lake but little in the way of running through woods or over rocky terrain. There was a fair amount of running through corn fields which would have been kind of interesting if the corn was a more normal height for this time of year (it was only about 1.5 meters tall this year). As in the TX race in April 2019, the race day was warm. We alway try to sign up for as early a race time as possible but the Savage Race organization has always given us start times in the late morning. Better than starting in the afternoon but not what we wanted. I guess we will just have to pay the US$30 extra to run in the competitive wave in order to get an early start time. There were only a few water stations and they were set on the first half, or so, of the course. Nothing for the last 2-3 km. Others complained about using water bottles but they are no less ecologically friendly than all the plastic cups normally used at these events. The water quality is better too. You can also carry water with you to drink during the running phase and can drop the empty bottles off at the next obstacle. Personally, I like the water bottles instead of the cups. The obstacle positioning for both the Chicago and TX 2019 races were similar. The course layout was alos very similar given two separate venues. The obstacles are clustered in groups with many toward the end of the race. I believe that this is to allow maximum efficiency for the layout of the 10K Race and 5K Sprint. It does make for some longer running sections not broken up by obstacles. It does allow participants to get into a running groove and actually improves overall time. Overall, my wife and I really enjoyed the Savage Races, we already signed up for a couple more in 2020. The obstacles are the best of any OCR with running and the event staff was great. If they choose event locations that have more varied terrain features and put in some water stations in the last 2-3 km. of the course, it would make the event even better. t

  • Boston Savage & Blitz

    By Jennah (2019-07-15, 22:32)

    Event location:


    Did both races this year and loved every bit of both races. The courses were well laid out (with lots of mud) the staff and volunteers were amazing. Def the best race around for people of all levels!

  • Boston 2019 was life changing

    By Amanda S. (2019-07-15, 14:59)

    Event location:

    Boston, MA

    This race will give you LIFE. Such great energy and so much fun, with fellow runners of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. If you're on the fence (or the hurdle, or the rope...) about doing one of these, jump in. You won't regret it. Looking forward to 2020!

  • Boston 2109 was GREAT, but.....

    By Rachel (2019-07-15, 13:34)

    Event location:


    Boston's race was so much as fun, per usual. Only complaint is that a lot of the obstacles aren't catered for shorter runners. I'm 5'2'' and couldn't reach a good handful of the obstacles. I ended up skipping them altogether which is a disappointment. They could easily adjust some of the obstacles for us vertically challenged folks!

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