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The Savage Anywhere challenge is a 28 day challenge designed to help you prepare for your Savage Race event. To participate in the challenge, you can follow this link to register. Registered participants will receive a Cobra Challenge shirt and Savage Anywhere medal upon completion, and the completion will count towards Savage Syndicate eligibility. Read the full details and rules for Savage Anywhere.

You are now on the workout page for Savage Anywhere, The 2021 Cobra Challenge. You have 28 days to complete the following 14 challenges, so take rest days as needed.

Equipment suggested: All of the movements may be scaled for athletes without access to fitness equipment. However, the experience is enhanced if you have access to dumbells, a jump rope, a pull-up bar, and a heavy backpack, sandbag, or other heavy object.

Download the Savage Anywhere challenge log to keep track of your workouts.

Savage Anywhere: The Cobra Challenge
Cobra.01 – “Cobra Welcome Party”
Challenge designed by:  Jeff Meeks

This workout is designed to build stamina and endurance while strengthening core and grip strength, all of which are needed for the World’s Best Obstacles. The only equipment required is something to hang from – bar, tree, ledge, etc.

Hanging Knee Raises
.25 mile run between rep sets

Workout starts with 50 burpees followed by 50 hanging knee raises and then into a .25 mile (400m) run. Round two is 40 of each movement followed by a .25 mile (400m) run. Continue to the final round of 10 burpees, 10 hanging knee raises and ending with a .25 mile (400m) run.

Scaled version: Same number of reps but the movements can be mixed and alternated – 10 burpees, 10 hanging knee raises, etc until proper number of reps have been reached.

Warm Up
2 Rounds
.25 mile (400m) run
10 Air Squats (demo HERE)
10 Bodyweight Good mornings (demo HERE)
20 sec L and R Samson Stretch (demo HERE)

Cobra.02 – “Thruster Up”

The purpose of this workout is to establish and develop power from hips through a full range of motion, especially while under fatigue.  Your core will be worked as well with the plank holds.  Make sure all muscles are static (contracted) while holding the plank position.  This is key to increasing core strength and power.  

For time:

1 mile run

10 rounds:
60 second plank hold
10 Double DB Thrusters

1 mile run 

Plank holds: min 1 is elbow position, min 2 is Left side hold, min 3 is Right side hold;  repeat this sequence;  athlete will begin and end with elbow position.  Plank video HERE

Thrusters:  Weight is one that the athlete can do 15-18 unbroken when fresh.  Thruster video HERE

Cobra.03 – “Shuttle Up”

The purpose of this workout is to increase speed, agility and quickness as well as increasing stamina, specifically, covering distance while load bearing.  A proper warm up is essential for this workout.  

Warm Up:
3 Rounds
10 jumping air squats
10 walking lunges
10 push ups
30 second Left and Right (each) Pigeon Pose
30 second Left and Right (each)  Couch Stretch
30 second Left and Right (each) calf stretch – athlete’s choice

5 Rounds:
Shuttle Run
10 yd Shuttle Run
20 yd Shuttle Run
30 yd Shuttle Run
30 yd Dbl Dumbbell Farmers Carry (DB weight is what the athlete can cycle for 20  unbroken reps of single DB snatch;  approx 35-50lbs for men, appox 15-35lbs for women)
20 Alt Single DBL Ground to Overhead
30 yd Dbl Dumbbell Farmers Carry
1 min rest between rounds

At ‘go’, the athlete begins a shuttle run complex starting with 10 yd, then 20 yd then 30 yd.  At the end of the 30 yd shuttle (down and back), the athlete picks up both dumbbells and carries them back to the 30 yd shuttle marking.  From there, the athlete drops one DB and begins alternate single DB ground to overheads.  This can be the snatch or the clean and jerk movement (athlete’s choice).  Once complete, the athlete picks up both dumbbells and returns to the start.  Rest for 1 minute before starting the next round.  

Cobra.04 – “Ruck It Up”

Equipment needed:  Ruck or Backpack with added weight:   30# if you weigh more than 150lbs, 20# if you weigh less than 150lbs

Choose your distance:
Blitz Version:    3 miles
Race Version:  6 miles

50 Air Squats to begin and end and at each mile

At ‘go’, the athlete, weighted ruck or backpack on, begins with 50 air squats.  Once completed, the athlete sets out on his/her chosen ruck distance, stopping at each mile to complete 50 air squats.  Upon completion of the chosen distance, the athlete will end with 50 air squats.  

If possible, head to your local nature trail for this workout as this will better prepare you for a Savage Race course with added elevation, varied terrain, natural obstacles, climbs and descents.  Trail rucking can also develop stronger knee and ankle joints and help prevent injury to those areas.

Don’t forget your fluid and nutrition.  Finally, monitor your heart rate.  The athlete should not ‘redline’ in this workout but rather remain in Zone 2 – approximately 60%-70% of max heart rate.  Find your target heart rate zone HERE.  

Rucking builds core endurance that translates to the athlete being able to go hard for an entire Savage course on race day.  Ruck it up Savages!

If you enjoy ruck workouts and want to invest in the highest quality gear, I recommend GORUCK’s Rucker and Ruck Plate.

Cobra.05 – “Singled Out

Equipment needed:  1 moderate weight DB, 1 heavy DB, Step up platform

10 Rounds, 4min per Round, 1 min rest between rounds

Each Round
20       Single DB Hang Clean and Jerk- mod weight DB
50ft     Single DB Overhead Walking Lunge – mod weight DB
20       Single DB Step Up – mod weight DB

Remaining time:  Max distance Single Arm Farmers Carry – Heavy DB

Score will be TOTAL distance (yards) of Single Arm Farmers Carry for all 10 Rounds. 

Moderate weight DB – weight that the athlete can cycle no more than 15-20 reps unbroken with one arm

Heavy weight DB – approx 40% heavier than the moderate weight DB

Step Up Height – no lower than the athlete’s knees

At ‘go’ athlete begins one round of the following: Single DB Hang Clean and Jerk with the moderate weight DB for a total of 20 reps.  Athlete can alternate arms as preferred.  On the 20th rep, athlete raises DB to overhead position and begins 50’ Single DB OH Walking Lunge, switching arms at the 25’ (halfway) point.  Upon completion of walking lunges, athlete begins Single DB Step Ups for a total of 20 reps.  Athlete can use front rack (shoulder) or hanging position for the DB and can alternate arms as preferred.  Only one hand can touch the DB at all times.  Upon completion, the athlete drops the moderate weight DB and picks up the heavy DB to begin max distance Single Arm Farmers Carry for the remainder of the 4 minutes.  Athlete can alternate arms as preferred.  Note the distance of the carry for each round and total at the end for the final score.

SavagePRO competitors Jennette Gardner, Jamie Horianopoulos, Ashley Samples
Photo credit: Fit Nation Magazine

Cobra.06 – “E2MOMMY

With the Cobra Challenge falling in the second quarter of 2021 it will be running when Mother’s Day rolls around on Sunday, May 9th and will be the first official Mother’s Day for Savage Pro Jamie Horianopoulos who came up with this workout for Savage Anywhere II.  Likewise, this one is for all the Savage moms out there who are living life Savage.  We respect, admire and honor you.  

Equipment needed:  Pull up bar

Every 2 minutes for 30 minutes (15 Rounds):
200m    Run
4        Pull Ups
8        Push Ups
12      Air Squats 

At ‘go’ the athlete completes one round of a 200m run, 4 pull ups, 8 push ups and 12 air squats, all within the 2 minute cap with the remainder of time as rest.  The goal here is to complete each of the 15 rounds under the 2 minute cap.  

Run – should be 80% effort, shooting for 1 min.  Get out and get back!

Pull ups – can be strict, butterfly or kipping

Air Squats – hip should descend below the knee (below parallel)

Scaled option for run:  shorten the distance to where you hit the 1:00 mark when hustling.

Scaled options for pull ups:  jumping pull ups, ring rows, low bar pull ups, bent over rows

Hey Savage moms, when you complete this workout, feel free to post up pics of your kiddos!.  Hey all Savages, when you complete this workout, feel free to post up pics of your moms! 

-Jeff Meeks

Cobra.07 – “Savage Straight”

Deck of Cards is back Savages, with new and challenging movements.  Grab a deck, shuffle up and let’s get started.  You will need a tape measure as well. 

At ‘go’ the athlete draws a card and completes the assigned movement for the assigned rep count before drawing the next card.  Continue until you finish the entire deck. This workout is for time.    

Numbered cards 2-10 = complete the number of reps on the card that is drawn

Face Cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) = 10 reps each

Aces = 15 reps


Clubs = Standing Broad Jump.  Use a tape measure to create your standing broad jump distance.  Average for Men is 7’3” and Average for Women is 5’7”.  Test the measurement as this is average for a single so adjust accordingly while keeping it a  true challenge.  Start with toes on the line, dip and load the hips and legs, extend the arms back, lean slightly forward and explode forward and up.  In mid air, bring the legs forward to landing position and land with heels on or beyond the marker on the other side.  One jump equals one rep.  

Diamonds = V-Ups.  Begin in the lying position, face up on the ground, arms overhead and feet together.  Keeping your arms and legs straight, bring them both up to meet at the midline with hands touching the toes.  Lower to the start position.  Up and back down equals one rep. 

Scaled option for V-Ups:  Sit Ups.  

Spades = Plank Walks.  Begin in the push-up plank position with hands and feet on the outside of one end of the Broad Jump Marker.  Begin the “walk” laterally to the other side, maintaining a tight core in the plank position until both of the athletes hands and feet are on the outside of the markers on the other side.  Hands and feet may NOT cross over.  One side to the other equals one rep.  

Hearts = Burpees.  You know what to do Savages.  Athlete may jump up or step up from bottom position.  Make sure legs and chest touch the floor at the bottom and hips open at the top with a jump while hands go above the head.  

Ante up Savages.  Hope you don’t draw a Royal Flush!

Cobra.08 – “Outta Gas”

Back in the day, before cars were rolling, smart phones that gave us buzzes, beeps and indicators telling us we have exactly 14 miles until an empty tank, we would sometimes run out of gas. Our only hope was that we were not too far from a gas station because we got out and pushed til we got there. Cobra.08 “Outta Gas” is a 100 or 200 yard vehicle sled push. We know the benefits of pushing a weighted sled but we don’t all have access to one. Now we do because it’s our very own car or truck.

Safety first Savages, you only need 100-200 yards of a quiet back road or parking lot, away from traffic, and a sidekick who can steer and then turn around so you can start another rep. If your neighbors know you as the crazy Savage then your ‘hood may be the spot.

Choose your distance:
100 yards x 20 reps, 1 min rest between (as the sled turns around)
200 yards x 10 reps, 1 min rest between (as the sled turns around)

This is a max effort rep. Go all out for the distance. We don’t want to see you run outta gas at a Savage Race. This will help.

Post up pics of your sled. The bigger and heavier the vehicle, the more props you’ll get.

Cobra.09 – “Hot Minute”

3 Rounds for Max Reps, 1 Mile Run between Rounds

1 Minute Deadlifts – Bodyweight.
1 Minute Double Unders/Single Unders
1 Minute Push Ups
1 Minute Hanging Knees to Chest
1 Minute Bear Crawl

At ‘go’ the athlete begins one minute of work for each of the above movements, transitioning directly into the next movement at the end of the minute.  Following the final movement (Bear Crawl) the athlete begins a 1 mile run, returns and proceeds directly into a second round of the movements at one minute each.  This is repeated one more time for a total of 3 rounds of movements and a total of 2 miles running.   

Barbell Deadlift @ bodyweight – Scale with heavy Double Dumbbell or Double Kettlebell Deadlift.  Scale weight as needed to match ability. 

Double Unders/Single Unders – Scale with Line Hops

Push Ups – Scale with knee push ups

Hanging Knees to Chest – Scale with hanging ‘knees to as high as you can get ‘em’

Bear Crawl – no scale option

Control your pace for the movements in order to keep moving.  The goal is to work the entire minute.  

Cobra.10 – “4:1”

1 mile run to establish pace

3.1 mile Blitz run or 6.2 mile Full run (athlete will choose) using a 4:1 run/walk ratio

The purpose of this workout is to incorporate an active recovery period while running in order to:

-reduce fatigue on race day, both early and late stage
-conserve energy for obstacles
-prevent injury
-maintain lower core body temperature
-stimulate endorphin release for physical and mental recovery

This is an established and proven technique that has helped many runners improve their overall run performance and reach that ‘next level’ pace.   

1 Mile Run:

Make sure you are warmed up, stretched out and loose.  Head out for a fast 1 mile run.  This will be at 80-90% effort for your one mile.  Do not attempt a 1 mile PR.  Make sure you time yourself so that you have a per mile pace as this is the pace you are going to strive for on your longer run.  If you have a GPS watch or app that measures run pace, use it.  If you do not then you need to be able to ‘feel’ your effort so that you can duplicate it later.  

Once you complete the mile, rest for 5-10 minutes, staying stretched, loose, warm and hydrated.  Begin the 4:1 Run.  

4:1 Run:

At ‘go’ the athlete will begin their chosen distance run (3.1 or 6.2 mile) at the pace they ran for one mile.  This pace will be kept for four minutes exactly.  At the four minute mark, the athlete will begin a moderate paced recovery walk for one minute exactly.  At the end of the minute, the athlete will resume the one mile pace again for four minutes.  Continue this interval cycle until the distance is completed with a goal of maintaining the one mile pace through each four minute run segment.  Compare this to your usual 5k/10k runs and see how you did.  

Note:  Do not wait until fatigued to begin the 4:1 interval.  Incorporate the recovery walk at the first four minute mark even though you may feel good.  Strive for the one mile run pace with each run interval.  You may want to set a timer to go off on both intervals so you do not have to keep checking your watch or device.  

Cobra.11 – “Blackjack”

21 Min AMRAP

7 Dbl DB Front Squats
7 Dbl DB Devil Press
7 Rope Ascent/Descent

Prescribed DB weights
Advanced:  M-40lb  W-25lb
Scale according to ability

Rope:  Any size, hanging at least two feet higher than height of athlete
Scaled options for rope ascent/descent:  jumping pull ups, ring rows, low bar pull ups, bent over rows.

At ‘go’ the athlete will pick up the dumbbells and move them to the front rack position and begin double dumbbell front squats for 7 reps.  Bottom position will be below parallel with hips dipping below the knees and the top position finishing with fully open hips and straight knees.  Next, the athlete will place the dumbbells on the ground and begin 7 devil presses.  Bottom position will be hands on the dumbbells, chest to the ground between the dumbbells, legs extended.  Top position finishing with both arms straight and extended above the head holding both dumbbells.  Next, the athlete will begin 7 rope ascents/descents.  Starting position is on the ground, supine (face up), legs straight, heels at the point where the rope normally touches the ground, rope in hand.  Athlete will pull him/her self up using the rope, hand over hand, all the way to standing position maintaining a solid core and plank position.  Once standing the athlete will then lower him/her self to the start position on the ground in the same manner, using the rope, hand under hand, maintaining a solid core and plank position.  Scaled version is the same start and finish but allowing a bending of the knees and hips to assist.

Athlete will continue repeating the 7-7-7 sequence of movements until the 21 minutes is up.  

Score is total number of rounds plus reps of the final, incomplete round  

Ex: 11 rounds plus 17 reps (7 front squat, 7 devil press, 3 rope ascent/descent) 

Cobra.12 – “Venom”

Choose from Blitz or Full option below:


.5 mile run,  20 Jumping Air Squats
.5 mile run,  30 sec Flutter Kicks
.5 mile run,  20 Alt Lunges (10+10)
.5 mile run,  20 Mountain Climbers
.5 mile run,  20 Hand Release Push Ups
.5 mile run,  20 Line Hops


1 mile run,  20 Jumping Air Squats
1 mile run,  30 sec Flutter Kicks
1 mile run,  20 Alt Lunges (10+10)
1 mile run,  20 Mountain Climbers
1 mile run,  20 Hand Release Push Ups
1 mile run,  20 Line Hops

Following a full warm up, at ‘go’ the athlete begins running his/her chosen distance, stopping only to complete the assigned movements before resuming the run.

Cobra.13 – “Big Dog”

Recommended Warm Up

2 Rounds
10 Air Squats
30 sec L and R Samson Stretch
30 sec L and R  Pigeon Pose
30 second L and R  Couch Stretch
30 second L and R Calf Stretch– athlete’s choice

Part A
90 second AMVAP Squat – As Much Volume As Possible (see explanation below)

-2 min rest-

90 second AMVAP Strict Shoulder Press – As Much Volume as Possible 

Part B
10 Rounds:

40 yd sprint with alternating returns:  Bear Crawl, Crab Walk

1 min rest between rounds


Part A

90 second AMVAP Squat 

Athlete will take the total weight used and multiply it by the number of reps completed to calculate a total volume figure.  Movement can be back squat or front squat using a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or odd object (must know the weight of the object).  Athlete must choose a weight that he/she can complete as many reps as possible in 90 seconds in order to score the highest volume figure possible.  Rep begins with athlete in the standing upright position, hips open and legs straight.  At ‘go’ the athlete must go below parallel at the bottom of the squat with hips dipping below the knees and then returning to the start position at the top to complete the rep. Once the clock begins, athlete cannot re-rack or drop the weights until time is up.   

90 second AMVAP Strict Shoulder Press 

Same principle as above.  Movement can be barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or odd object (must know the weight of the object).  Rep begins with the athlete in the standing upright position, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or odd object in hand at the shoulder level just below chin height.  At ‘go’ the athlete presses the weight to overhead until both arms are fully extended and elbows locked with weight directly over the head and shoulders.  Weight is then lowered to start position to complete the rep.  Once the clock begins, athlete cannot re-rack or drop the weights until time is up.  

Part B

Athlete will mark a 40 yd distance and return to start line

At ‘go’ the athlete will sprint the 40 yards at maximum effort then return to the start line using one of the two return movements, Bear Crawl or Crab Walk, alternating between the two.  Once back at the start line the athlete will rest 1 minute before the next round.  Continue for 10 rounds.  

COBRA.14 – “Nag’s Revenge”

1 Mile Run

50 DB Power Snatch

50 DB Bent Over Row

50 DB Walking Lunge (25 each side, total of 50 steps)

50 DB Calf Raise

50 DB Russian Twist

1 Mile Run


Recommended weights

Men 30-45 lb DBs

Women 15-30 lb DBs


At ‘go’ the athlete will run 1 mile and return to begin the round of dumbbell movements, starting with 50 Dbl Snatch.  Athlete can break up the 50 reps however he/she chooses.  The movement will begin with the dumbbell touching the ground.  The weight will then be raised to overhead with a single movement, arm fully extended, and then returned to the ground to complete the rep.  Movement can be ‘touch and go’ (dumbbell does not have to rest on the ground).  From there the athlete moves on to the 50 Bent Over Rows.  Movement begins with the athlete bent over at the waist, knees slightly bent, hips pushed back, shoulders square with the ground, back straight, dumbbells in each hand in the hang position.  Athlete will row the weights up to the sides of the chest and then return it to the starting hang position to complete the rep.  From there the athlete will begin 50 Dbl DB Walking Lunge.  Holding a weight in each hand, arms extended at the sides, athlete will begin a total of 50 steps.  Knees must touch the ground at the bottom and hips fully open and extend at the top.  From there the athlete will move on to 50 Dbl DB Calf Raises.  With a weight in each hand, arms at the side, the athlete will perform a calf raise from the standing position, legs straight and knees locked.  Athlete may use a ledge or plate to step onto for greater extension at the bottom.  Athlete will then move on to the final DB movement, 50 DB Russian Twists.  Athlete will use a single dumbbell, holding it horizontally with both hands while sitting on the ground, slightly leaning back with feet off the ground.  Athlete will ‘carry’ the weight across the midline from one side to the other, tapping the ground on each side.  One side to the other is one rep.  Following the completion of this movement, the athlete will finish the workout with a 1 mile run.  

Upon completion, anyone with a paid registration may fill out this form to claim their earned T-shirt and medal.



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