December 9, 2019

Behind-the-Scenes with Mac Stone

Post by Alex Brown

Mac Stone, the official photographer of Savage Race, is a member of the behind-the-scenes crew contributing to the awesome experience that is Savage Race.  Mac is a nationally recognized, award-winning conservation photographer from Gainesville, Florida, and first cousin of Sam Abbitt, CEO and co-founder of Savage Race.

Mac has been involved with Savage Race since before the first event in 2011. He helped with the development of the first Savage Race website by photographing a pre-event promotion of proposed obstacles years ago.

Mac developed his photography skills by hiking through the woods and wetlands of north central Florida, capturing images of alligators, snakes, cypress trees, and all types of wildlife in the area. During high school, Mac’s mother often had to call the school to explain Mac’s tardiness when he had gone on an early morning nature shoot.

Mac matured his youthful hobby into an exciting, and illustrious career as an environmental/nature photographer.  Mac spent years capturing the beauty and challenges of the Florida Everglades and his book “Everglades: America’s Wetland” was published in 2014, and is now in its second printing.  His gorgeous, stunning images of the Everglades have been used by environmental and conservation groups in their efforts to rescue and restore this important and unique water phenomenon.

Mac is currently working to photograph life in the four virginal, uncut swamps of the southeastern United States in preparation for his second book, expected to be published in 2020.

Mac’s familiarity and comfort with muddy swamps and wild animals make him the perfect photographer for Savage Race.  From photographing wild animals, Mac has learned to be quick and to anticipate what will happen next,  a wonderful attribute for someone capturing the athlete at Savage Race.  Mac doesn’t mind getting dirty, or hanging from an obstacle to get just the right shot, the perfect expression.  Mac often takes 3000-5000 shots per race to get just the images he wants for each Savage Race.

Mac’s talents also include his artistry, as exemplified by his images of Sawtooth overlooking the valley in Ohio, or the fogbow which adorned the Dade City, Florida venue on event day a couple of years ago.

Mac’s environmental work has taken him to remote and threatened regions of the world. He has photographed great white sharks in South Africa and supported biologists in the Amazon rain-forest.  Mac is currently the Executive Director of the Naturaland Trust in South Carolina.

Savage Race is extremely privileged to have Mac Stone, environmental photographer extraordinaire, as its official photographer.


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