January 30, 2019

New Savage Bling for 2019!

Post by Sam Abbitt

Ahhh yeah… A new year = a new set of medals. In this video, I show off all the new goods.

My favorite is the HUGE new Savage Syndicate medal, featuring spinning action and a lovely mirror finish. As usual, you will get a lap pin for every paid lap you ran to earn your Syndicate honors. This year we made separate Savage Race and Savage Blitz pins, to distinguish which type of laps you ran. These pins are larger and nicer than any we’ve had in the past, and will replace the state pins that we have given out in the past. To learn how to earn the Savage Syndicate medal, follow this link.

For those of you SavagePRO and BlitzPRO athletes out there, you gotta check out the new PRO award medals. These are what you will earn if you win age group or top team honors. Instead of the standard round medal design we’ve given out in prior years, the latest PRO award medals are Savage Axe replicas, complete with a custom SavagePRO/BlitzPRO lanyard.

Of course, we also have some great new medals for the standard Savage Race and Savage Blitz finishers!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m completely fired up for the 2019 season. I’ve been training hard to have my best year of health and performance, so you can bet that I’ll be earning my medals this year right along with you.

Much Savage love,

Sam Abbitt
Savage Race HQ

SavagePRO and BlitzPRO award axes, Savage Syndicate medal and pins, Savage Race finisher medal, Savage Blitz finisher medal (left to right)

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