October 8, 2016

Maryland Fall 2016 Results

Post by Alex Brown

Click the link below for Savage Race Maryland Fall 2016 Race Results!

Saturday, 10/8





Offer ends Thursday, October 20th at 11:59 PM EST
Savage Race Maryland Spring 2017 – April 29, 2017
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2 Responses to Maryland Fall 2016 Results

  1. Robyn Bell says:

    I signed up this afternoon before the code was available. Can I still get the 25%?!?

  2. Chris Teter says:

    Good morning, I’m a first time Savage Race finisher.
    My sons challenged me when I started to exercise and lose weight.
    Thank God I’m in life insurance! Thought I’d need it. Cudos to all who do this, strenuous and challenging and a great bonding experience. I ran, well walked to an appointment Sunday and my clients were blown away that someone they knew had done what they saw on TV. I recommend it to everyone healthy enough to do it! I compared it to Outward Bound that I did when I was 17, that was 40 years ago!

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