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***3:52 pm, March 24, 2023 – Savage Race Georgia Spring Weather Update

Georgia Savages,

We at Savage HQ have been monitoring the weather closely the last several days and it is expected that a severe storm system will be over Dallas, GA early Saturday morning. The safety of our participants, volunteers, and staff is paramount and so we have decided that it is in everyone’s best interest to delay the event by one hour.

What does this mean?

  • If you are a participant that was scheduled to run at 9:00AM, you will now be starting at 10:00am. If you are a participant that was scheduled to run at 11:00AM, you will now be starting at 12:00PM.
  • 1:00PM will be the last start time.
  • SavagePRO runners will have a cutoff time of 12:30PM.
  • If you are a volunteer with a 7:00AM arrival time, your new arrival time will be 8:00AM.
  • SavageJR will begin at 1:00PM.

If there are any additional updates, they will be posted in the Savage Race Weather Center and our social media pages.



General Questions – Foul Weather FAQ

Will you suspend or cancel Savage Race due to rain, lightning, or thunder?
We will not suspend or delay Savage Race for rain only. If it’s raining, we are running. If it’s lightning or thunder, we are waiting until the storm clears the area for 30 minutes before opening/reopening.

What should I do if I’m on the course and lightning or thunder strikes?
Please head immediately to the safety of your car, and check this page for updates. We will make every effort to re-open the course back up after the lightning clears.

If the race is stopped, will I be able to run after the weather clears?
We will make every effort to allow you to run after the weather clears. In the event of a foul weather postponement, status updates will be posted to this page.

What if I can’t wait around for the weather to clear?
If the weather forces us into a prolonged holding pattern, and you cannot wait onsite until the weather clears, we will offer free transfers to any future event. All you will have to do is write in to us during the week after your planned event. We do not offer refunds due to weather related cancellations or postponements.

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