TrainSavage, the official Savage Race training guide, is available to download now. Just enter your information above and look for the download link in your confirmation email.

This official mud run training guide includes 12 workouts suitable for every fitness level. The workouts are designed to require minimal equipment and can be done anywhere - at home, in the gym, at a park, or anywhere you like to work out. Our guide will prepare you to overcome every obstacle in your path as you absolutely crush your next mud run!

Whether you’re brand new to obstacle course racing or you're training to go SavagePRO at your next race, this guide will work for you. Feeling a little nervous about conquering Colossus, or having trouble building up that grip strength to tackle Sawtooth? Worried about facing Wheel World? That’s ok! There are workouts in the training guide designed to help you build up stamina, strength, power, coordination, balance, core strength, grip strength, and more - all of which are required to conquer the obstacles you’ll find at any mud run or obstacle course race.

Also included in this training guide is a sample warm up, ideas for improvising with the equipment you have on hand, and advice on how much you should train leading up to your next race. (Hint: 3-4 training sessions per week for at least 6 weeks before your mud run.) You’ll also get a good dose of tough love - and maybe (ok, definitely) a few laughs - out of the work out descriptions.

The last page of the official Savage Race training guide is a work out planner designed to help you set goals, plan your workouts, and track your results. No matter what your current fitness level is - beginner, intermediate, advanced, or SavagePRO - this guide and workout planner will help you set and reach your OCR goals. The only thing left to do is download the training guide and get started, so what are you waiting for?

Start Training. Get Savage. #TrainSavage


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