Pennsylvania 2021

August 7, 2021

Saturday Only
27+ Obstacles
5-7 Miles
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Saturday Only
15-20 Obstacles
3+ Miles
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$119 Ends May 20, 2021
$129 Ends Jun 10, 2021
$139 Ends Jul 1, 2021
$149 Ends Jul 22, 2021
$159 Ends Jul 29, 2021
$169 Ends Aug 6, 2021


$109 Ends May 20, 2021
$119 Ends Jun 10, 2021
$129 Ends Jul 1, 2021
$139 Ends Jul 22, 2021
$149 Ends Jul 29, 2021
$159 Ends Aug 6, 2021

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We do not add fees at checkout.
Event parking is $10 at the gate.

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211 North Meckesville Road  Albrightsville, PA

Savage Race Event Info
Savage Pro +$30
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Savage Jr $40 online / $50 onsite
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$22 online / $30 onsite
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Savage Go Ruck Ruck Savage Race
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When Savage Race was born in 2011, we set six rules to define who we are and to set us apart from everyone else. To this day, we design our events with these rules as our guideposts.

  1. Savage Race is incredibly fun.
  2. We always have the best obstacles.
  3. It's about teamwork and friendship.
  4. Our community matters to us more than anything.
  5. We challenge beginners. We challenge experts.
  6. No one expects you to beat all the obstacles. It's normal to fail.
What's Included


Savage Race obstacles are regularly voted best in the industry by participants like you.

What's Included


Savage finisher shirts are crafted from a lightweight, ultra soft, cotton/poly blend.

What's Included


Unique medals for Savage Race, Savage Blitz, Savage Syndicate, and SavagePRO award winners


We leverage the most accurate timing equipment available to keep track of your race time.

What's Included


Our photographers are on course for great photo ops! Find your photos after the event using our facial recognition search tools.

What's Included


Beer is the official recovery beverage of Savage Race. If you finish, your first one is on the house.

Train Savage - The Official Savage Race Training Guide


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Did you know that Savage Race has a wonderfully supportive online race community with thousands of obstacle racers just like you? Our private Facebook group ranges from people just getting started, to some of the most accomplished professional athletes in the sport, and a whole lot of people in between. Get direct access to conversations with Savage HQ staff and thousands of fellow Savages.

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SavagePRO is for advanced athletes looking to take their Savage Race experience to the next level. SavagePRO participants compete for age group awards, special medals, cash prizes, and all the glory. SavagePRO is always the first race heat of the day, starting with a fresh course, at 8:00 am. SavagePRO is for the top 5% of runners, not for casual competitors, or beginners. Learn more


Savage Race is about teamwork, friendship, and community. It’s also about smiling and having a lot of fun. Make the most out of your Savage experience by completing it with your friends and family. We promise that it is the best that way. Speaking of community, why don’t you join our Savage Syndicate group on Facebook to connect with other runners?

Savage Syndicate

Savage Syndicate is a loyalty program designed to reward participants who run in two or more events within a single calendar year (this means between January 1 and December 31 of the same year). After you qualify, you can pick up your own Syndicate medal and race finisher pins (one for each race) onsite at your qualifying race. Learn more


Watch your friends or family complete Savage Race with a spectator pass. Spectators have full access to the race course. We provide spectator course maps and recommended spectator viewing routes to help you find your way. Spectator passes are $22 online until the Friday before the event, or $30 onsite (includes all applicable taxes) on race day. All SavageJR entries come with one complimentary spectator pass. Purchase spectator passes here.


There are two ways to Ruck Savage Race.

Savage Race Rucking Division
9:30am Saturday

Rucking Division is not a Cadre-led event. In Rucking Division, you simply show up, have fun, and ruck the course with your friends and others from the GORUCK community. Rucking Division finishers earn a special patch in addition to their T-shirt and medal. Rucking Division event completions do count toward Savage Syndicate qualification.
Register Now for Rucking Division

Savage Race GORUCK Tough
9:00 pm Friday – 9:00 am Saturday

GORUCK teams up with Savage Race for a special GORUCK Tough Challenge on the grounds of the Savage Race. That means your Special Forces Cadre will have access to Savage Race’s 27+ obstacles for you to lead, follow, and overcome adversity as a team, by night, on an obstacle course closed to everyone else until morning. GORUCK Tough finishers earn a special patch in addition to Savage Race T-shirt and finisher medal. Savage Race GORUCK Tough event completions do count toward Syndicate qualification. Additional gear is required for this event.
More information coming soon.

Wait! I don’t know what rucking is. Tell me more about rucking at Savage Race.

Corporate / Single Payer Groups

Savage Race offers corporate discounts for groups of 8 or more who pay for their registrations with a single payment. Learn more about corporate group discounts.


Want to have an amazing day working at Savage Race, then run the course? Want to race for free, or earn a donation for your charity? Savage Race offers a fun-filled day of volunteering, racing, and great incentives to volunteers. Learn more


Savage Race has some of the most dedicated fans and highest rate of return athletes in the Obstacle Course Racing industry. Are you interested in becoming an official partner of Savage Race? Contact our sponsorship team


For Kids 12 and Under

We have a friendly and challenging course for your little Savage. Each wave is monitored by friendly and enthusiastic staff, and parents are encouraged to come out and play too!

The SavageJR course is offered in two course distances:

  • 1/3 mile course for Savages 8 and under, with easier obstacles. Parents are welcome to participate with their child.
  • 1 mile course with larger obstacles for Savages 9 to 12.

Each Savage Junior will receive:

  • Official Savage Race Finisher medal
  • Official Savage Race Finisher T-shirt

Ages: 12 and under
Registration: $40 online or $50 on-site. One spectator pass is included.

12:00-12:30 PM

What's Included What's Included
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Savage Race Participant Ratings

(283 Reviews)
4.95 out of 5 stars

5 star 97%
4 star 2%
3 star 1%
2 star 0%
1 star 0%

Savage Race Participant Reviews

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  • My Favorite Race

    By Rich M (2020-12-14, 20:03)

    Event location:

    Maryland/ North Carolina

    Been an avid OCR runner since 2016 and my first race was Savage Race. Since then I haven’t missed a year racing with them racing at least twice a year. Their motto of the best obstacles and the perfect distance is spot on. The comradery with the runners and encouraged by the race themselves is incomparable. I couldn’t of completed my first race if it wasn’t for the help of others. The bling is amazing and are always different and unique. The system how to earn them is consistent and obtainable. The race, itself, is always different and challenging even at the same venues due to great course charting by their own in-house athletes. Lastly, their social media presence is always positive and uplifting, celebrating each other’s accomplishments, empathizing with ones that wipe out, and hearing stuff straight from the owners mouths. There’s no shame sharing a first time runners utter enjoyment to long time runners “Medal Monday’s”. If you’re looking for a great race, company, positive environment, and people look no further.

  • Savage Race rules!!

    By Clayton (2020-12-14, 20:00)

    Event location:


    I have done the North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida courses multiple times, and have loved every one of them! Definitely recommend doing a Savage Race whether it's for fun or if you wanna challenge yourself. It's worth every penny!

  • Awesome race!!!

    By Carrie (2020-12-14, 19:47)

    Event location:


    This is the best race and the best venue ever!! I have run other obstacle course races and Savage is by far and away the best race.

  • Savage is as Savage Does!

    By Mike Thomas (2020-12-14, 19:40)

    Event location:


    I have raced most of the race companies. Sam and his staff have always delivered on their promises. The family vibe at the venues are second to none. The obstacles always deliver. I had to contact customer service on multiple occasions,typically due to scheduling mistakes made by me, but they have always been timely, helpful and very supportive. Savage always puts on a great race from vendors, Registration, course layout, and of course hands down the best obstacles! Savage has set the bar high for excellence, and I am glad I get to be a part of it. Let but not least, the syndicate medal is about the best medal out!!! Thanks to Sam for making 2020 happen!!

  • I will be back!

    By Carrie Russin (2020-12-14, 19:36)

    Event location:

    Dade City, FL

    My local savage was cancelled this year due to Covid, so I made a last minute decision to travel to FL to volunteer and run my first Savage. The entire experience was fantastic! Met some great people, saw so many excited faces coming into the venue, and had a great time running the volunteer wave. I was there alone, but it did not feel like it. Truly a wonderful community! Savage is now one of my annual must-do races.

  • I love Savage Race

    By Brittany (2020-12-14, 19:31)

    Event location:


    I love Savage Race. It was my first OCR 3 years ago and the reason I became addicted to racing. I’ve always liked them, but they really gained so much of my respect for how they found a way to let us race this year. They also have the best customer service in the business. I love how they come up with new, fun obstacles every year.

  • Maryland 2018,2019,2020

    By Jeff Morneau (2020-12-14, 19:26)

    Event location:


    Always a great time with great people, always mix it up and make it a fun time for everyone. Can't wait for next year.

  • Absolutely the best of the best!!

    By Robert G (2020-12-14, 19:14)

    Event location:

    Houston, TX

    I have done Tough Mudder Spartan and few others in my time but as far as fun and great times Savage rocks!!

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