Charlotte 2017

A $15 insurance contribution and processing fees is added at checkout for SavageRace and Blitz. Onsite parking is $10 cash per car, VIP parking is available at select locations. Refund & Cancellation Policy


When Savage Race was born in 2011, we set six rules to define who we are and to set us apart from everyone else. To this day, we design our events with these rules as our guideposts.

  1. Savage Race is incredibly fun.
  2. We always have the best obstacles.
  3. It's about teamwork and friendship.
  4. Our community matters to us more than anything.
  5. We challenge beginners. We challenge experts.
  6. No one expects you to beat all the obstacles. It's normal to fail.
What's Included


Savage Race obstacles are regularly voted best in the industry by participants like you.

What's Included


Savage finisher shirts are crafted from a lightweight, ultra soft, cotton/poly blend.

What's Included


Unique medals for Savage Race, Savage Blitz, Savage Syndicate, and SavagePRO award winners


We leverage the most accurate timing equipment available to keep track of your race time.

What's Included


Our photographers are on course for great photo ops! (7 stations for Race, 5 for Blitz). Find your photos after the event using our facial recognition search tools.

What's Included


Beer is the official recovery beverage of Savage Race. If you finish, your first one is on the house.

What's Included What's Included
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Savage Race Participant Ratings

(216 Reviews)
4.96 out of 5 stars

5 star 97%
4 star 2%
3 star 1%
2 star 0%
1 star 0%

Savage Race Participant Reviews

  • Florida Savage 2019

    By Arika McCormack (2019-11-10, 21:38)

    Event location:

    Dade City, Florida

    As a first time participant overall I found the race itself to be enjoyable, the course itself was very nice and the obstacles were great. However, as a first time savage participant and long time participant of other mud/obstacle 5K courses I was deeply upset to discover all the ancillary fees associated with this race. I find the fees to be extraordinarily high for registration, the mandatory insurance and having to pay to have your bag checked was something very unnecessary (and unexpected). I found the experience itself to be pleasant but given the not so cost friendly aspects I can’t say for certain I would race again. We live in an extremely expensive world and these events are meant to be healthy activities to be enjoyed, making them more cost effective to the average individual could help ensure that aspect. In all I’m giving the race a 3 out of 5, due to the lack of “bang for your buck”.

  • Florida Fall 2019 - Best Damn Race Ever

    By Angelique de Vos (2019-11-10, 14:23)

    Event location:

    Dade City, FL

    So yesterday was my first Savage Race. I was nervous as I’ve only done 3 mile courses before but I could jog have loved the Savage Race any more!! Everything was perfectly organized and setup. The course was laid out clearly. The obstacles were fan-freaking-tastic! The people were all super helpful and encouraging and just honestly the best group of people I have ever met at any of my previous races! Already signed up for Spring next year!

  • Another amazing Savage Year 2019

    By James M Curtis (2019-11-10, 12:06)

    Event location:

    Florida and Georgia

    Once again...Savage doesn't disappoint. Great event, great vendors, great locations, and of course great obstacles. Have run into Sam several times on and off the course and he is always supportive and enjoys his own events. Keep it up!

  • Florida 2019

    By Crystal (2019-11-10, 04:26)

    Event location:


    Did the Blitz in spring and the Full in fall. Savage is, by far, my favorite OCR. I love how you can retry obstacles and everyone including staff, volunteers, and participants are helpful and friendly. Will definitely be doing both florida races in 2020, hopefully can convince some friends to join

  • Another great year

    By Bryan Hall (2019-11-10, 03:36)

    Event location:


    Love the Savage product. You guys are awesome and I can not wait to get going again next season

  • Another successful Savage

    By Heather (2019-11-10, 01:51)

    Event location:

    Florida Fall; Dade City

    Where do I even begin?!? I have been doing every Savage race since 2016. I think that I may decide to miss one, but I just can’t do it. It is my addiction. I attend multiple other OCR series, but Savage is the most gratifying due to the challenging obstacles. On top of that, I love how the whole race day experience is from the vendors to the volunteers to Matty T. OHHH and the race medals are great BUT the syndicate ones are just amazing. I also love the Savage website, the blog with various details, and the funny yet extremely informative videos on obstacles. You can tell that Sam and his team put a lot of thought in the entire race experience and takes lessons learned from a race to better the next one. Just top notch!! Sign up now! What are you waiting for??

  • Always improving, always innovating

    By Alan (2019-11-10, 01:45)

    Event location:

    Dade City, FL

    Twirly Bird and Battering Ram married and had a child. Lumberjack Lane originally was a simple walk a path with a wood block. Now it evolved into run through mud, hills, and tunnels. Savage Race does have the best obstacles! Always being creative.

  • Savage to the core

    By Steve BOZ (2019-11-10, 01:32)

    Event location:

    Florida fall

    I'm 55 and just finished my 15 mud race. Last year I was very disappointed at the blitz spring race, but wanted to try it again. So we signer up for the savage and blitz back to back. I have to say the race today was the best course, most mud, running, and obstacles I have ever attempted. I had the best time ever. Keep them coming!

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