Savage Race x GORUCK Tough Challenge – Dallas, GA – October 26, 2019

Post by Alex Brown

GORUCK is teaming up with Savage Race for a special GORUCK Tough Challenge on the grounds of the Savage Race Georgia Fall. That means your Special Forces Cadre will have access to Savage Race’s 27+ obstacles for you to lead, follow, and overcome adversity as a team, by night, on an obstacle course closed to everyone else until morning.

They’ll be sleeping in their warm beds. You won’t be.

10-12 Hours
15-20 Miles
Savage Race Obstacles
Note: Parking after 5pm is free for this event

Date and time
Saturday, October 26, 2019 12:01AM (Between Friday night and Saturday morning)

Start Point
Savage Race Georgia Spring
2462 Harmony Grove Church Rd. Dallas, GA 30132

What To Bring
Ruck gear is required. Visit GORUCK’s event page for more information.

How to Register
Register at GORUCK’s event page.


If you are looking for the Savage Race Georgia Spring page, and reached this page in error, click here to visit the webpage for that event.

Savage Race President Sam Abbitt, still smiling 8 hours into GORUCK Georgia 2018

We did some of the obstacles with our rucks on.

For some of the obstacles, the Cadre let us take our rucks off.

All Savage Race GORUCK events are led by a special forces Cadre. In this photo, Cadre JC Jordan shows off his ruck and the patch that we all earned upon completion of the event. (5 people out of 28 did not complete the event and did not earn the patch)

The class doing lunges up a hill

Slippery Incline Wall, with rucks

Block Party

The Cadre gave us a few minutes to rest underneath a sprinkler head.

Doing bear crawls, nine hours into the event.

We completed the obstacles as a team.

The entire team made it up Colossus! We were allowed to keep our rucks off for this one.

Finish line!

Savage Race GORUCK Tough Class 004 – Georgia Fall 2018

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