May 3, 2018


Post by Sam Abbitt

UPDATE: Saturday, 9/22/18, 5:00 PM Central Time
Grandview, TX - Click here for current weather conditions and forecast.

SATURDAY STATUS - All Saturday race heats are cancelled due to destruction from flash flooding.

SUNDAY STATUS - Event is not cancelled. Saturday runners, join us!




The flood waters have receded quite a bit over the last few hours. We are working hard to salvage our festival area and rebuild our course in time to open up for an improvised Savage Race / Savage Blitz on Sunday. Please watch the 10am video for latest update.

Summary and FAQ:

  • We are redesigning and remarking the course today.
  • The course will be a blend of Savage Race and Savage Blitz. More than likely, the course will be approximately 5 miles, with an optional turn off point for folks who want to run a shorter distance. The course construction is still underway, so this is not finalized.
  • Heats are 9am (pro only), then every 20 minutes from 9:20 until 11:40. Waves will be capped, but we will get everyone through the course.
  • This isn't exactly a Savage Race, and it isn't exactly a Savage Blitz. It's an improvised, new kind of thing.
  • This will be one hell of a muddy course tomorrow.
  • For the folks who registered for Saturday who cannot attend the make-up race on Sunday, we will transfer you to any other event of your choosing at no charge.
  • The will be a 9am pro wave. The distance is undetermined, but it will happen, and there will be cash prizes and podium awards.
  • There will be one SavageJR race at 11:00am.
  • We will have many of our premium Savage Race obstacles in Sunday's race. (e.g. Colossus)
  • An incredible number of you have asked if you can come volunteer to help us get the course reset. You are truly an amazing community. At this time we do not need anymore volunteers on Saturday. We could use volunteer help tomorrow. If you are interested in volunteering Sunday, please email [email protected]
  • We cannot provide refunds for events forced to cancel due to flooding. Your registration fee was spent on the production costs for this event. We will transfer you to any event of your choosing, or you can run tomorrow (Sunday).



6am Message to Savages
Savages, it is with great disappointment that I must announce that our Grandview, Texas event has been cancelled for Saturday. Due to the enormous volume of rain in the area, the stream that runs through the property has swelled so high that our entire festival area is now under two feet or higher of moving river water. Our main parking lot is also covered by the river. We apologize for the unfortunate circumstances but the safety of our participants, crew, volunteers, and medical personnel come first. Please do not come to the venue for your safety.

We have not officially cancelled Sunday, but as of the time of this post (6:30am, Saturday) it seems likely that Sunday will be cancelled as well. We will add new updates as information unfolds.


-Sam Abbitt

Foul Weather FAQ

Will you suspend or cancel Savage Race due to rain, lightning, or thunder?
We will not suspend or delay Savage Race for rain only. If it's raining, we are running. If it's lightning or thunder, we are waiting until the storm clears the area for 30 minutes before opening/reopening.

What should I do if I'm on the course and lightning or thunder strikes?
Please head immediately to the safety of your car, and check this page for updates. We will make every effort to re-open the course back up after the lightning clears.

If the race is stopped, will I be able to run after the weather clears?
Our number one priority is your safety. Our number two priority is to make sure that everyone gets to run and has a good time. We will make every effort to allow you to run after the weather clears, on the day you registered. In the event of a foul weather postponement, status updates will be posted to this page.

What if I can't wait around for the weather to clear?
If the weather forces us into a prolonged holding pattern, and you cannot wait onsite until the weather clears, we will offer free transfers to any future event. All you will have to do is write in to us during the week after your planned event. We will not offer refunds of any kind due to weather related cancellations or postponements.

But I signed a death waiver... I thought this was Savage Race?
We understand that you signed a waiver, and that some of you are so tough that you don't care if you die in a lightning storm. However, this isn't only about you. We have an obligation to the safety of our volunteers and staff, and we cannot clear them to safety until you are off the course. Believe us - we absolutely hate stopping or postponing events more than you do.

UPDATE: Saturday, 5/19/18, 8:00 AM
Charlotte, NC - Click here for current weather conditions and forecast.

To all participants,

Due to afternoon storms in the forecast, please arrive as early as you can today. We have room in earlier waves due to last minute cancellations. If you can’t get here earlier, that’s ok too. We plan to keep all waves running as scheduled, weather permitting.

UPDATE: Tueday, 5/15/18, 2:43 pm
Charlotte, NC - Click here for current weather conditions and forecast.

CURRENT STATUS – Savage Race and Savage Blitz Charlotte events are scheduled to occur as planned. No changes to the race schedule have been made.

We are tracking the weather for this weekend’s event closely. The current weather forecast indicates showers for most of the weekend with the potential for lightning. We will not cancel or change event plans due to rain only. We will continue to monitor lightning risk as the event approaches and during the event. If we suspect that the threat of lightning is imminent, or if lightning does strike in the vicinity of the race course, we will temporarily suspend the event until the lightning risk has left the area. If this does occur on race day, please seek shelter in your vehicle and follow this page for updates.

As of now, no changes to the race schedule have been made. Please check this page regularly for updates.

-Sam Abbitt

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