April 4, 2018

Apology to Florida Savages

Post by Sam Abbitt

Dear Florida Savages,

I owe you an apology. The photo gallery we released after the Florida Spring ’18 event was not satisfactory. Many of you had very few tagged photos, if any at all, and there was no way for you to simply browse the photo zones by time of day. We expected the system we presented to be a major upgrade, but it didn’t work as well as we hoped.

Today, we released a new gallery (same photos on a new platform) that will allow you to search for your photos by facial recognition, and search each obstacle zone by time of day. The facial recognition software and time stamp search by photo zone should help you find more photos, but if all else fails, you can browse the entire gallery, picture by picture.

Click here to search for your photos using facial recognition and/or time of day search

What we are going to do moving forward to make your photo experience better:

At Savage Race, we want to take care of our customers better than any other race series. The fact that we botched the photos in Florida this year has been a source of emotional distress for me and other SRHQ team members. Moving forward, we plan to use the new platform with facial recognition search capability. This new platform allows us to take a new approach to capturing your photos. Because the new system allows you to search by facial recognition, our photographers can shoot for faces, instead of shooting for bibs. The best part of that is that it opens up our photographers to capture photos at many obstacles that we could not cover in the past. For example, bibs are almost never visible while you are in Shriveled Richard, but with facial recognition, we can capture lots of great photos there, and you will be able to find them. Unfortunately, in Florida we shot for bibs, not for faces, so the photo experience still won’t be optimal this time around, even with the new platform. In the future I am hopeful that your galleries will turn out much, much better.

In Georgia this past weekend, we had terrific photo results using the new platform, with our photographers shooting for faces instead of bibs. We also had the photos uploaded and ready to go by Sunday morning! Wow! We are hoping that we can continue to consistently deliver at all events with excellent photos, just like we did in Georgia last weekend.

In summary, I am sorry about the Florida photo mess, and I promise to improve. I hope that you are able to find more photos of yourself using the new platform. Our mission to take care of our customers better than any other race series never ends.


Sam Abbitt
Savage Race

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