March 30, 2018

SavagePRO Georgia 2018 Podium Medals Update

Post by Sam Abbitt

Dear Georgia SavagePROs,

I have some good news and some bad news for you. Which do you want first? Ok I will start with the bad news.

The Bad News:

Due to shipping issues, we will not have SavagePRO podium medals for this event. If you podium this weekend, we will NOT have the gold, silver, or bronze medals to give you at the award ceremony.

 The Good News:

If you podium on Saturday, we are doing a few things to make up for the fact that we won’t have your SavagePRO podium medal on time. 1) We will mail out all of the SavagePRO podium medals after we receive them. We don’t have a solid timeline on this yet, but expect 3-4 weeks. 2) Since we really, really, really don’t want you to be angry with us, we will hand you a fully comped voucher to any future SavagePRO event, which will never expire. You will collect this at the award ceremony in lieu of your medal.

What were the shipping issues? Why won’t you have the medals?

We ordered the medals in early January, and our shipment arrived on time at a California port on March 2nd. Unfortunately, that’s when our cargo was stopped by US Customs officials for an extensive exam. According to the limited information they shared with us, agents moved our container to a new warehouse where they could perform a piece-by-piece exam of our shipment, which consisted of about 30,000 medals. The exam ended this week, and our order is scheduled to be officially released next week sometime. US Customs won’t really tell us much about why our cargo was picked for this month-long exam, but it was, and there was no way to expedite it. This is the first time in our eight year history that any of our shipments have been subject to an exam like this.


I am very sorry that we will not have the podium medals for this event. Despite the reasons, Savage Race takes full accountability for not having your medals on time. If you win, we hope that you will accept our offer of mailed medals, and comp passes for future SavagePRO vouchers as a reasonable substitute and forgive us.



Sam Abbitt

Savage Race Co-founder & CEO



If you have additional questions, hit us up at our contact center.


Other FAQ:

We WILL have standard finisher T-shirts and medals for you and everyone in the open waves as usual.

We WILL have axes for 1st place overall male and female as usual.

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