September 7, 2016

Dallas 2016 Results

Post by Alex Brown

Click the link below for Savage Race Dallas 2016 Race Results!

Saturday, 9/10




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Savage Race Dallas 2017 – October 14, 2017
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7 Responses to Dallas 2016 Results

  1. Devin Castillo says:

    Hey, I was wondering why my results aren’t included from the Dallas race yesterday? Devin Castillo, my bib number was #549

  2. ajator says:

    bib 646 but no results are shown???????

  3. Gerardo Perez says:

    IS there a ETA for the full results? My team’s results are not on the list yet.

  4. Ashleigh Posey says:

    Bib # 2584 doesn’t show results for me

  5. CANDICE BARSH says:

    I didn’t realize I was to receive a medal at Dallas this past Saturday. Can I still get it?

  6. John Adams says:

    Yea I can’t get results either it’s been 3 days what’s up?

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