November 6, 2015

Florida Fall 2015 Savage Race Highlights

Post by Alex Brown
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Savage Race Florida Fall 2015 started off on Saturday, October 24th with a beautiful sunrise and an excited team of people ready to put on an amazing event in Pasco County.


SavagePRO Overall Winners

Our SavagePRO competitive wave kicked off the day, where veterans Yuri Force and Rachel Corvington each took first place. Corvington has won the Savage axe five times, and this was Force’s 14th Savage Race win.

SavagePRO Overall Male Winners

1) Yuri Force – 00:48:57.7
2) Hunter McIntyre – 00:50:28.4
3) Cimmie Wignell – 00:51:25.4


SavagePRO Overall Female Winners

1) Rachel Corvington – 01:01:19.3
2) Jamie Stiles – 01:05:25.3
3) Cassidy Watton – 01:05:26.1


SavagePRO Team Winners

The SavagePRO team competition was a tight race for second place, and OCR United just edged out MudRunFun by a couple minutes. The top three teams were:

1) Family Fitness (top three: Selvin Reyes, Niko Kostakis, Rachel Corvington) – combined time 02:57:29
2) OCR United (top three: Dustin Radney, Glenn Nakamura, Ashley Samples) – combined time 03:12:27
3) MudRunFun (top three: Will Zook, Morgan Wright, Raiden Kaneda) – combined time 03:14:57


SavagePRO Masters Division Winners

We introduced a Masters Division this year, honoring our 40+ SavagePRO athletes.

Masters Division Male Winners

1) Eugene LaLande – 00:59:23.8
2) Glenn Nakamura – 01:01:07.5
3) Morgan Wright – 01:05:40.6

Masters Division Female Winners

1) Tonya Emory – 01:26:06.8
2) Gina DiSanto – 01:48:03.4
3) Shelly Hawk – 01:22:07.8*

*Only two female masters athletes had 100% obstacle completion, so the third place winner comes from the non-completion category.

Obstacle Racing Media Race Recap

“Sharkbait” wrote a race recap for Obstacle Racing Media on the event. Among her highlights: The start-line energy, our “famous” Sawtooth, the intensity of Davy Jones’ Locker, slippery Pipe Dreams, the new Wheel World, and a group of veterans who conquered the race.

Official Video

Check out the official recap video!

We’ll be back in Dade City for Florida Spring 2016 on March 19th & 20th, so sign up now to reserve your spot in one of the biggest and most exciting events we hold all year! Special thanks to Pasco County for their support of Savage Race.


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