November 20, 2015

Family of Seven Enjoys Savage Race “Staycation”

Post by Alex Brown

Jon and Bethany Allen are parents to five children, Willy (15), Gary (15), Aaron (14), Rebecca (11), and Jason (8). They recently decided to enjoy a family staycation and participate in Savage Race Georgia together.

This extraordinary family conquers obstacles on and off of the race course.


Bethany, mother of five, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which can cause severe joint inflammation and pain. Her husband says, “[She] could use any excuse in the book to not be participating in this incredible race, and yet she is out there, literally crushing every obstacle. From completing the Sawtooth, to climbing up Colossus, she is fueled by determination. She refuses to be nominal. She refuses to be ordinary. She competes in Savage to show her family and others that excuses are just that. It’s time to commit, and so she does. She’s awesome!”

Parents Jon and Bethany ran their first Savage Race in the spring of 2015 with their workout team, Fireman Fitness. After experiencing the event and the camaraderie it builds with others, they decided they wanted their whole family to participate in the fall.


Rebecca and Jason, the youngest, ran in the SavageJR race while the rest of the family participated in the full event.

“Talk about team building and family togetherness,” says Jon. “There is nothing better than crawling around in the mud with our two youngest, or being at the top of an obstacle, looking down at our three oldest boys, who were adopted from situations where it’s all about self preservation and survival.”


“Being able to reach down with outstretched hand, look them in the eyes, and say, ‘I’ve got you. I’ve always got you from here on…’ is not only an assurance to them that we’ll always be together but Savage Race offers this rare opportunity to prove it in a very physical way.”


For these proud parents, watching their children break through physical barriers and conquer obstacles together was an experience they’ll never forget. “We had tears of joy when fears were smashed in the face, and we laughed as we froze in the ice water!”


These children are taught that they are loved and that they can accomplish anything.


“I know you don’t think you can, but you can do this!” Jon shares, “You are great enough, strong enough, loved enough. We can do this together.”


At the end of the day, covered in mud and exhausted beyond belief, they put together a pile of 14 muddy shoes and remember that they are a family who sticks together through thick and thin… and mud!


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