August 20, 2015

Three Generations of Silverio Family Take the Podium at Savage Race

Post by Alex Brown

Joe Silverio, his son Mark, and his granddaughter Delaine all stood atop the podium at Savage Race Ohio, each having placed in their respective age groups.

Silverio1It was a very proud moment for grandpa Joe. “It is easier for me to place because there are fewer people in my age group,” he says, “but for my son and grandkids to place, they have to battle a lot of good competitors.”

Joe and his sister Maria Beth, son Mark, daughter Kate, son-in-law Ernie, granddaughters Delaine, Lucinda, and Haley, and grandsons Zachary and Ethan all participate in obstacle course races. They are scheduled to compete in about 10 events this year, along with a number of road races. The Silverio family has turned obstacle course racing into a family activity, with Joe leading the way.

He was a track and distance runner for most of his life, focusing on distance running and marathons in the 1980s. “When I heard of these obstacle races, I had to do them,” Joe remembers. “My grandkids are young and in sports and are up for anything that is exciting and involves a physical challenge. I was surprised when my son and daughter started doing these events; I always thought that they figured I was a little crazy for doing these obstacle races. But guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…”


Joe’s goal is usually to win in his age group, although there are times where he prefers to slow down and just enjoy the race with his family. His training consists of running between 18 to 25 miles a week and hitting the gym three times a week. He even built some obstacles in the backyard for practice. His favorite obstacles are Sawtooth and the newly launched Wheel World. All of his family members over 40 plan on competing in the new SavagePRO 40+ Masters Division as well.

Joe has three pieces of advice for families doing obstacle course races together:

1) Train hard, fight hard to win, but don’t get upset or resent others if they finish ahead of you.
2) Be a good and helpful person on the course.
3) Appreciate the hard work of the volunteers and the organizers that put on this event.

With three generations standing on top of the podium at Savage Race this year, we’re sure to see this inspirational Savage family competing together for many years to come!






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