July 30, 2015

5 Common Side Effects of Savage Race

Post by Alex Brown
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Savage Race gives you the opportunity to conquer the world’s best obstacles and experience the thrill of a lifetime. It’s a chance to get outside of your everyday routine and do something way (way!) outside of your comfort zone.

Whether you’re planning to run in your very first event later this year, or you’ve been with us since the very beginning, there are five common side effects that you’ll always bring home from Savage Race.



Completing a 5-7 mile course with 25+ obstacles is no easy feat. No matter how hard it is, how long it takes, or how much you may want to give up, conquering Savage Race will leave you feeling very proud of what you’ve accomplished. We’ve seen people cross the finish line with elated grins on their faces, and we’ve seen people cross the finish line and crumple to the ground in tears. No matter what emotions come out at the end, a strong sense of pride will always be among them.



It’s pretty much impossible to challenge yourself on the Savage Race course and come away without a few bumps and bruises. Think of them as badges of honor. You came, you saw, and you conquered. Maybe you missed the rope on Colossus and slid back down the ramp on your backside. Maybe Nutt Smasher got the best of you. Maybe you took an extra spin on Wheel World and got tossed off the obstacle. Sure, you may have a few bruises, but you’ll be darned proud of every single one of them.



Whether you’re at Savage Race with a team or just racing by yourself, you’ll leave feeling like a part of something bigger than you ever expected. Every single person just went through the same battle you did, and came out the other side. Every single person reached out a hand to help someone else, or shouted out a few words of encouragement. Every single person wanted everyone else out there to succeed. And when that happens, “every single person” turns into “us” and “we” as the Savage spirit spreads and common bonds are forged. Friendships built in adversity will stand the test of time.



It wouldn’t be a mud run without all the mud. No matter how hard you try to shower off at the end of Savage Race, you’ll likely be finding more mud for at least a few days after you get home. In your ears, between your toes… it’s all part of the fun. Bring a couple towels, some flip flops, and a change of clothes, though, or else you’ll be finding mud in your car afterwards, too.



Maybe you signed up for Savage Race on a whim, or maybe you’ve been training for weeks. One thing is certain, though. After you’re done you’ll be determined to do it again. Stronger. Faster. Better. Once you get the obstacle course racing bug, you’ll be absolutely determined to improve and keep coming back. And Savage Race will be waiting with open arms!

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