May 19, 2015

The Top 5 Spectator Spots at Savage Race

Post by Alex Brown
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Participating in Savage Race is an epic experience, but coming to cheer on your friends and family can be just as much fun. The Savage Race HQ team put together this top 5 list of spectator spots that you absolutely don’t want to miss. Read on for more…

#5 – Finish Line

There’s nothing like seeing the enthusiasm and exhaustion on the muddy faces of your friends and family as they cross the finish line at Savage Race. After just conquering 5-7 miles of rugged terrain and 25 of the world’s best obstacles, you’re sure to see plenty of emotion and hear some amazing stories of fears conquered and bonds forged as you greet them at the end of the race.




 #4 – Davy Jones’ Locker

For many, Davy Jones’ Locker is the most mentally challenging of all our obstacles. This 15 foot high dive into a 15 foot deep pool requires even the bravest to face their fears and take the plunge. Stick around long enough and you’ll probably see some pretty awesome front and back flips off of the platform into the pool below.




#3 – Colossus

This massive 43 foot obstacle with a 16 foot quarter pipe on one side and an epic water slide on the other is the signature obstacle of Savage Race. You’ll see participants run furiously up the quarter pipe and jump for the knotted ropes hanging down, and then work their way up the slippery incline towards the platform above. Many will need help from fellow Savages waiting up top to lend a hand. On the other side, you’ll watch as groups of racers slide down and launch off the end of the obstacle into the pool of water below.



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#2 – Sawtooth

Requiring a tremendous amount of upper body strength and a super strong grip, Sawtooth is a 35-foot span of monkey bars with a gnarly tooth in the center. Be ready to see some 10 foot falls into muddy water below as many make it halfway across, but few complete this giant obstacle.


#1 – Shriveled Richard

Participants experience the chill of a lifetime as they jump in to 60,000 pounds of ice, and then have to fully submerge themselves halfway through the obstacle in order to get to the other side. More mental than physical, this obstacle requires a brave jump in to the unknown and the mental grit to keep moving, even when this chilling experience takes your breath away.

(Spectators, be sure to have your cameras ready as participants explode out of the icy water… some of the best facial expressions we’ve ever seen have been captured on camera at that moment.)




So there you have it – the top 5 spectator spots to visit at Savage Race! Spectator passes are $15 in advance and $25 on the day of the race. Click here to purchase your spectator passes. A course map will be posted on our event page one week prior to each race to help you find these obstacles on our course. We hope to see you soon!

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