April 28, 2015

5 More Mud Run Training Workouts You Can Do On Your Lunch Break

Post by Alex Brown
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Hey Savages! We know you’re busy and that finding the time to train for your next Savage Race can be tough. We want to help you out, so here are five more mud run training workouts that you can do on your lunch break – no equipment needed.

(Check out the first five workouts we shared with you here.)

Remember, although you probably can jump off the couch without any training and complete a Savage Race (with the support of everyone around you, of course), we don’t actually recommend it! Training properly will allow you to get out there and conquer the world’s best obstacles at Savage Race and have a ton of fun while you’re doing it.


Try to tackle these intense workouts at least three times a week leading up to your mud run. Remember to spend a few minutes warming up before you begin the workouts, stay hydrated, and take time to cool down and stretch when you’re done. Most of all, have fun!

Mud Run Training Workouts #1-5 (click to view)


Mud Run Training Workout #6

Complete 5 Rounds for Time:
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Jumping Lunges
50 Jumping Squats
3 Minutes Rest

Mud Run Training Workout #7

Complete For Time:
10 Second Sprint
10 Second Rest
20 Second Sprint
20 Second Rest
30 Second Sprint
30 Second Rest
20 Second Sprint
20 Second Rest
10 Second Sprint
10 Second Rest

(If you’re feeling particularly energetic, take a 5 minute break and then repeat this workout a second time through.)

Mud Run Training Workout #8

10 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups
10 Squats

Mud Run Training Workout #9

1 Mile Run/Walk/Run OR
3 Mile Run/Walk/Run OR
5 Mile Run/Walk/Run

(Start with 1 mile, and as you develop your endurance and get closer to your mud run, increase to 3 miles and then 5 miles. Be sure to taper your distances again as the race approaches. You want to go in to your mud run fresh and energetic!)

Mud Run Training Workout #10

100 Burpees for Time

(To increase the difficulty of this workout, find a pull-up bar and do a burpee followed by a pull-up. If you can’t do that many pull-ups yet, just do one burpee pull-up for every 5 or 10 regular burpees you complete.)



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