February 10, 2015

First Free TrainSavage Event a Big Hit in Central Florida

Post by Alex Brown
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Savage Race and South Orlando CrossFit teamed up on Saturday, February 7th to host the first ever free Savage Race training event, TrainSavage. The event drew a crowd of around 200 excited Savages to trainsavagerunningthe Cypress Grove Park in Orlando, where South Orlando CrossFit put on six 30-minute training heats throughout the morning. Participants received a free t-shirt, wrist band, a discount on their Savage Race registration, and a challenging workout that would help them prepare for their next race.

Savage Race CEO and Co-Founder Sam Abbit said, “This was our first time hosting a free training session like this, so it was a bit of a test run for our team. We had a lot of fun on Saturday and so did the athletes. South Orlando CrossFit was extremely professional in their execution of the training event. I’m sure we will be hosting another event like this soon.”

trainsavageboxjumpTrevor Palmer, Owner of South Orlando CrossFit, along with head coach Christian Carillo and a team of other South Orlando CrossFit trainers and members set up a course requiring cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, coordination, and more. The trainers put participants through a thorough warm-up and then directed them to four workout stations where they would complete an AMRAP (as-many-rounds-as-possible) of specific exercises for 5 minutes at a time. A long run from station to station across a field and over a hill added an extra element of difficulty to the workout. Exercises included lunges, ball slams, kettlebell swings, mountain climbers, box jumps, push ups, lateral jumps, and the beloved burpee.

“CrossFit is the best way to get in shape for Savage Race,” says Trevor. “It hits every aspect of fitness and makes you a very well-rounded athlete. CrossFit is for everybody! We can scale workouts to any fitness level and our coaches make sure you keep the intensity up while staying injury-free. CrossFit absolutely produces results.”

trainsavagestpeteAthletes Ken Charleston and Jenna Kelly from St. Petersburg, FL drove nearly two hours to attend the TrainSavage event. They are preparing to tackle their second Savage Race this March and have a goal of completing the course faster this time around. In addition to their normal workouts, they spend time each week working on mock obstacles and specific skills that will help them during the race. “We’ve also incorporated interval training to our regimen, rather than just distance running,” they shared. The TrainSavage event “was totally worth the drive” and they enjoyed the intensity of the workout.

JBoFitness, based in Kissimmee, FL, brought a team of 25 people to TrainSavage. Gym owner Johnny “JBo” Bonilla and his members were in high spirits as they completed the training, posing in front of the giant Savage Race tent and talking about the workout they just completed. Over half of their members regularly participate on the gym’s obstacle course race team, and they’re looking forward to the next local Savage Race, taking place in Dade City this March. The gym’s workout programming focuses on high intensity group training, incorporating cardiovascular routines (with lots of running) and a lot of trainsavagelungebody-weight strength training – perfect for preparing for a Savage Race!

Representing Team Dirtbags Florida, athlete Joey Bathol participated in TrainSavage and spoke about his team’s mission, which supports the Wounded Warrior Project and honors fallen soldiers and wounded veterans. Their Facebook page talks about the heart behind their team. “The gas mask [we wear during races] allows us to honor those who gave all by keeping our faces covered and spreading awareness for our fallen brothers and sisters, as these races are not about us, but about them. The lack of breathing and weighted vest or ruck we wear indicates the struggle and burden our law enforcement officers, first responders, wounded veterans and the widows of the fallen endure daily. We run for them…” It was an honor having you at TrainSavage, Joe, and we look forward to seeing Team Dirtbags in March.


For all those who came out to TrainSavage, thanks for participating and we look forward to next time!

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