January 20, 2015

Upcoming Florida Spring Savage Race to Award $5,000 in Cash Prizes

Post by Alex Brown
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You asked and we delivered! The Florida Spring 2015 Savage Race will be heating up this March as we give out $5,000 in prize money to six top competitors.

The top male and female finishers in the competitive SavagePro heat will win cash prizes. First place overall will receive a whopping $1,500 and the Savage Axe of Fame. Second place overall will be awarded $750 and third place overall will take home $250.

We began awarding cash prizes at the Florida Spring 2014 event, and some very familiar faces captured the Savage Axe of Fame and the first-place prize money.

150119-blog-pic-3Ken Corigliano won the Florida Spring 2014 race in 51:02.9, coming in nearly four minutes faster than the second place finisher, Steve Capitano. Ken also prevailed in the recent Florida Fall 2014 race, finishing in 46:04.1 and edging out Yuri Force by just 25 seconds. Ken is an incredibly strong competitor, having also finished first overall in both the Florida 2013 races before taking home the cash prizes in 2014.

For the women, Rachel Corvington has three first-place overall finishes in Florida, wining both 2013 races along with the first place overall cash prize in Florida Spring 2014. Rachel came in third place in the SavagePro heat in Fall 2014, as Angela Cobb from Melbourne Beach, FL won by over a minute faster than second place finisher Jennette Gardner. Jamie Stiles is another competitor to watch in the Florida SavagePro events. These ladies (and many more) have all shown a tremendous amount of determination and skill on the course.


Although the race course changes for every event, these finish times should give all of our future competitors an idea of the pace required to finish among the best. Savage Race’s Event Operations Manager Alex Brown gives a little more insight into the race setup.

“Each course is certainly different in terms of length, elevation changes, and obstacles,” states Alex. “The Florida race is closer to 7 miles on a mostly flat cattle ranch, while Ohio is about 5 miles on a ski mountain. It all depends on how much land the venue has to offer for the course layout, so each race is different. We also try to move the obstacles to different locations each time we revisit a venue. Florida Spring 2015 will be closer to 7 miles again, but the obstacle layout will be different from the Florida Fall 2014 race.”

So exactly what does it take to compete with the best of the best?

Yuri ForcYuriAxee, a competitor with a handful of first-place overall finishes across multiple states and a second place finish in Florida recommends the following: “Get your cardio up. When you’re running all out it makes the obstacles that much more difficult and you’re more likely to slip and earn some burpees. Improving your cardio allows you to run at a fast but comfortable pace so you can save energy for the obstacles.”

Yuri trains in a variety of ways and tries to mix up his regimen. He lifts weights on his lunch breaks at work, runs sprints to improve his cardio, and trains with an elliptical machine and stair-stepper to increase his leg strength. When visiting Pennsylvania last year for his fifth Savage Race, he had the opportunity to train on the iconic “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Traveling for Savage Races have become mini-vacations for Yuri and his family. Yuri says, “My goal is to race at every location that Savage has an event at.” Look out for him at a race near you!

150119-blog-pic-2Do you think you have what it takes to take home a cash prize this March? Can anyone out there take the first place Savage Axe of Fame away from Ken Corigliano this time around? The competition is sure to be fierce and the course will be as fun and challenging as ever. With the race just a couple months away, now’s the time to commit to training hard and preparing to have the time of your life at Savage Race Florida Spring 2015.

If you’re interested in registering for the Florida Spring 2015 race, please go here for more details.

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