October 1, 2013

Bomb Suit Run for Warriors

Post by Alex Brown
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Back in May 2013, nine Soldiers were involved in incidents resulting in loss of life, limb, and other serious injuries in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. To help these Soldiers and their families with incurring expenses, several Soldiers from the 766th EOD Company will participate in the Central Florida Savage Race on October 19th, 2013.


In honor of those who lost their lives, and who were severely wounded, the three administrators of the “GMSOS” organization will be running Savage Race in full EOD Bomb Suits.

Where: Savage Race Florida
When: October 19th, 2013 (9:20 am wave)

How You Can Help

The “GMSOS” administrators, and all of us here at Savage Race HQ, encourage everyone to garner support for these Soldiers and their families. Reach out to your friends, families, churches, offices, and your local communities to help the “GMSOS” organization raise funds for the Soldiers and their families who have endured so much. 100% of the proceeds raised through the “GMSOS” organization fundraising program will be divided up evenly between the nine Soldiers and their families. SUPPORT THE CAUSE


The “GMSOS” organization has been preparing a fundraiser to benefit the Soldiers and families affected by the tragedies that occured on May 14th and 16th in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.  Four soldiers lost their lives, two Soldiers suffered double amputations, and three Soldiers were severely injured in the incidents.  Six of the Soldiers involved serve with Alpha Company, 3-41 Infantry Battalion, and the three others serve in the 766th EOD Company.

“GMSOS” hopes to raise money in order to help the Soldiers and their families with the financial burdens that arise as a result of combat related deaths/injuries.

Please take a moment to recognize the Soldiers involved in the catastrophes:



SGT Anthony Ayers
WIA – 14 May 2013








SFC Jeff Baker
KIA – 14 May 2013








SPC Mitch Daehling
KIA – 14 May 2013








SPC Dane DeGrace
WIA – 14 May 2013








SPC William Gilbert
KIA – 14 May 2013









SSG Kevin Gremillion
WIA – 14 May 2014








SGT Adam Hartswick
WIA – 14 May 2013








SSG Casey Jones
WIA – 16 May 2013








SPC Cody Towse
KIA – 14 May 2013






Savage Race Florida 2013 Fundraiser

Savage Race is proud to announce our partnership with the “GMSOS” organization and their cause.  It is our hope that the Savage Race community can support the Soldiers and their families and exceed the levels of support they are hoping to receive.

Thank you all for supporting this wonderful cause. 

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