Mud Run Training – Savage Race

People ask us all the time how to train for mud runs and obstacle races like Savage Race. The answer that I used to always give people was to “Pick four or more of the following activities and repeat them regularly: run, swim, lift heavy things, climb over walls, get plenty of sleep and eat clean.” It’s an easy answer, but sort of a smart assed cop out on my part.  Well, for those of you who want more specific direction than that, you’re in luck. Our friends at Sweat Life Fitness (who regularly kick ass at our Savage Race events) designed a mud run training program for Savage Race. The goal here is to work your way up to completing the Savage Rite of Passage. If you can get it done, you’re ready! -Sam Abbitt, CEO and Co-Founer of Savage Race Mud Run Training by Art Waters, MS, CSCS, NASM and Chris Pregony, BS, ACSM If you plan on getting your ass kicked by the Savage Race, you probably should at least consider putting up a fight. In order to get you prepared for the massacre, we have provided you with four training modalities you must utilize (Steady State Running, Sprint Interval Running, Outdoor Boot Camp Training, and Metabolic Resistance & Power Training). Also, we have created a four-week training program (some individuals may require more training time) and a Rite of Passage Challenge to test your might. We recommend the seasoned veteran complete the Challenge for time, partake in the four-week training program, then retest the Challenge to gauge progress. However, we advise the novice to complete the entire four-week training program before attempting the Challenge. There are two Challenges available. Option one requires no equipment, while option two requires a few pieces of equipment as well as somewhere to swim. Finally, we suggest you reference our 15 Savage Threats to help get you mentally prepared for the race. I. Traditional Steady State Running What: Traditional steady state running is a jog or run that you complete while maintaining the same speed throughout. There is no intentional change of running speed during this type of training. Why: Although traditional steady state running has come under fire recently, we feel that it is incredibly important for your training. Competitive distance runners have to run high volumes in order to be successful in their various races. You cannot expect to do … Continue reading Mud Run Training – Savage Race