October 18, 2016

Savage Open Heat – Take The Leap

Post by Mike Natale

While every level of participant is equally important to any race brand, the open heat racer accounts for the majority of runners in any event.

An open heat racer could be the newbie who heard about these obstacle course race things from a friend.

An open heat racer could be someone trying to better their life both mentally and physically, whether it is for themselves or their family.

An open heat racer could be the person trying to prove to others, and maybe even more to themselves, that they can do what others believe and say they can’t. They have worked up the courage, said “I CAN,” took the plunge, and registered.

Now, they ask themselves “what did I just do??!” The following information should give you a better understanding why this event will change your life.


The blend of unique and challenging obstacles you will find in Savage Race is unlike any event you’ll encounter. Our event is designed to test you — to push you to new heights you never thought yourself capable of achieving. You don’t need to be a body builder, an Olympic sprinter, or aspiring Frisbee golf pro to complete a Savage. One of the biggest differences between the Savage open heat and other race brands is the drama free, stress free, run your race mentality. If you feel capable of completing an obstacle, you’re encouraged and motivated to do so. If you feel it’s not within your limits to complete an obstacle, that’s your decision to make and it is an acceptable one. Everyone around you has the same goal in mind. To test their limits, push themselves to new heights, assist everyone around them in reaching their goals, and more than anything, HAVE FUN!


There’s always a helping hand reaching out to pick you up.

There’s always an encouraging word spoken to give you the necessary push .. To try.
Savage race doesn’t care if you’re the fastest, strongest, or if you successfully complete every obstacle in the open heat. They care that you tried.  You allowed yourself the opportunity to experience that overwhelming feeling of self gratification when you climb out of the water from Davey Jones’ Locker knowing that you took the leap from a 15 foot high platform.  You turn around and see what you just accomplished!!  Awesome!

Many race brands carry different appeal to the open heat racers. Savage Race sets you up for success on many personal levels and multiple facets of life. You’re provided the opportunity to be a kid again.
-You’ll crawl in mud

-You’ll jump from an intimidating height into water


-You’ll climb up and stare at a dumpster filled with ice. You’ll get nervous, you’ll have doubts. Then you’ll remember your co-workers who think you’re nuts for even considering this. You’ll remember this is for you, not them, and you’ll take the leap. It’ll be cold, it’ll be wet, and you’ll move faster than you ever thought possible so you can get out. Once you’re out you’ll exhale a breath of pure adrenaline and think “holy $hit!!, I just did that!!” And you may want to do it again.

Maryland Spring 2016 Photos. Registration is open for Maryland Fall 2016 on October 8th. Use code SAVAGE for 25% off! Code expires 5/19. Register now: www.savagerace.com/event/maryland-fall-2016/

And when you thought you’ve accomplished everything you wanted to and more…

-You’ll come up upon a massive wall. You’ve climbed walls earlier in the day. This is just another obstacle, an obstacle standing between you and the finish line. A wall that represents all the voices that told you you can’t, that told you it’s too much, and those voices are deafened by the faces at the top of the wall, yelling and waving for you.

They want you to run up the wall. They want to grab your hand when you reach out, and let you know that you set your limits. You decide what you can, and what you can’t.


Just when you realize you can, because of everything you just did, the only thing standing between you and that volunteer who’s ready to put your hard earned medal around your neck, is a massive water slide. Embrace your inner child for another minute. Feel the rush as you slide down into the pool of water waiting for you at the bottom. And know, when your foot crosses that finish line, you’re now a Savage. You can’t make this stuff up and you can’t experience this anywhere else. Take the leap, and register today.